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Mishoen - May 2024

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The Mishoen Family
Marc is 71, Nuan is 66, Xiang is 41, Tika is 40, Lewis is 11, Joshua is 7 and Michael is 6
(Marie Gerrits is 33, Sya Gerrits and Harald de Leeuw are 32, Felix Gerrits is 3 and Caleb and Keira Gerrits are 8 months)
Narrated by Marc

I guess we should have seen it comming, after all Xiang and Tika have done nothing but fighting these last couple of months.
Truthfully we haven't seen Xiang much at all, he was always working, and I get that Tika decided to talk to him about it. But from the first thing she said about it, he got mad.
And since they weren't able to talk about it, Tika got more and more upset herself, untill he finally had enough of it, and said he was moving out.
I guess she hadn't seen that one comming, I guess she kept believing they would be able to work it all out, but he was pretty clear about it, so he packed his things and left.
Since then we've seen him once; when he came over to tell the boys. Tika insisted he'd be there too when she told them, after all he decided to leave.
I think the boys took it rather well. Maybe they saw it comming, like Nuan and I. 
After that Tika locked herself in the study. I think she finally broke down or something, but we hardly saw her.
And when she did came out of the study, she was crying all the time.
I eventually sat her down to have a chat with her. After all walking around the house sobbing, isn't the sollution, and she should get in contact with a good layer. I know she had hopes of working things out, but it wouldn't hurt to be prepared.
At the beginning of this year I retired, so I couldn't do anything for her officially, but I did have some connections I could put her into contact with. I was also able to give her some tips and idea's.
She seemed really gratefull. I think our chat was the thing that got her outn of the study.
I was happy to know she contacted my former collegue, Harald de Leeuw, he's a good one.
Not long after she first met with Harald, they came to an agreement with Xiang, and everything was finalized. Maybe she's still hoping Xiang will be back, but at least now, she's also considering the other option, and she's living by the current situation instead of living by what she wants.
The boys are doing fine, so it seems. They seem to have adjusted to the situation pretty well, and are really making the best of it.
They seem to enjoy the weeks they spend here, where they have a large garden with toys to play in, but they also seem to enjoy going to their dad 4 days every 2 weeks.
Both Nuan and I try to help Tika out as much as we can. We help the kids to their homework when they are having trouble.
And we try to play with them as often was we can. We also try to give Tika some moments for herself, to go out, or to do something she likes.
Despite the fact that my retirement started with Tika and Xiang's break-up, I have really enjoyed my retirement so far. 
Nuan has been nagging me to retire for years now, and I was never too keen on it, but now I can see the point. It's been great.
One of the things I enjoy the most; is being able to see Sya's kids pretty often as well. We try to go down there almost once a week, on Sya's day off.
All three are great kids, and I really hope I can see them grow up. And I really wouldn't mind if either of my children decided to have another one, but I think both of them are done with kids, but I keep hoping.

A nice picture of Marc and Nuan in their garden. I didn't have one of these 2 together.
And one of Tika's boys, from left to right: Joshua, Lewis and Michael.

  • This round's first ROS is for Tika, and unfortunatly she rolled the dumped-one. I have to admit I have thought about rolling a different one, but eventually decided to go with it. And since Xiang is a romance secondary, I kind of fitted him a little bit to break up when things weren't going too well.
  • Xiang moved this his own rental house in Simmeria, and he lives there with his parents; Tao and Yena, and there's an extra room for the boys to sleep when they visit their dad, which will be 4 days every 2 weeks.
  • So from now on Xiang and his parents will be Zang 3 in the playlist. I'll have to adjust the playlist as well, because we'll still have to see them this round, and this will be in July 2025.


  1. Everyone seems to be handling things rather well, and I hope that Tika will find happiness again. How do you do the 4 days every 2 weeks at their Dad's for the boys? Do you move them in there for that set time?
    The picture with "I can see the point" made me smile :-)

  2. Oh, I've been worried about Tika for the last few updates and now I see that wasn't unfounded. :( Poor Tika. I'm glad Marc could advise her and get her in touch with Harald.

    I know Tika wants to work things out but it doesn't look like Xiang is heading in that direction. Hopefully they can both be at peace with whatever happens next. Good to see that at least the kids aren't too traumatised!

  3. Librarian I hope Tika finds happiness again as well, but if not she has her boys, who bring her lots of happiness.
    I just move them between households. I have a piece of CC that makes this rather easy.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla Since there were no trouble last round, I had to write their problems in somewhere.
    I was sad to break them up, they have been together for quite some time now, but that's ROS I guess.

    I think Tika is over the fact of getting back together with Xiang, but she definatly had hopes.
    I don't see Xiang as one to turn back on his steps. I see him more as one to make a decission and stick to it.

    Thanks for reading!