Monday, April 22, 2013

Verbon - October 2023

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The Verbon Family
Olaf is 44, Morgana and Zenzi are 10 and Anthony is 5
(Sophie Zanobi is 48, Jason Draper is 45 and Laura Penninkmeijer is 21)
Narrated by Olaf

When Anthony turned 4 I thought it would be good for him to do some sport, so I took him to some swimminglessons. He was getting quite good at it too, and he seemed to enjoy it.
But last time he told me that he didn't like it that much, and that he would rather play the piona instead.
We've had a piano in the house for years now. Mia used to play it sometimes and Morgana still does, I don't think she will be continuing playing the piano when she's older, since she already asked if she could get a guitar.
But anyway I didn't see any harm in hiring a tutor for Anthony. And so I found Laura Penninkmeijer.
fI was a bit hesitant at first because she seems quite young, but she made a very professional impression. And Anthony is making some nice progress, at least she keeps telling me.
I'm really glad that, after the dip from a few years ago, both Morgana and Zenzi got their interest in school back. They are doing their homework almost daily.
And they try to keep up to date with their other interests as well. The principal already said that if they keep it up like this there shouldn't be any problem for them to start high school in a few years.
At home they also do their chores, almost always without complaining.
So I try to give them things in return whenever I can. And if I can spend time with them in the mean time it's always a treat for me too. Both girls love to go iceskating, and we are lucky to have rink close to our home.
Anthony gets tired of it pretty easy, and wants to go inside pertty soon. I'm not much of a skate myself and I never say no to a cup of coffee, so we usually end up going inside.
They all like going to the White Castle. It's always a nice way to end the weekend together, before work and school kicks in again.
As much as I like spending time with my kids, and as much as I hate leaving them with a babysitter, I do occasionally need some time for me.
I have a good partner for that in my brother-in-law, Jason. He's always begging me to go out with him, and he's more than happy to let me see all the different bars Simmeria has to offer.
He also uses that time to hear me out. He thinks it's about time that I start looking around again. I'm not saying he's wrong about that, but I just not that forward when it comes to girls. Mia and I were together from when we were teenagers, and untill she died I never thought about any one else.
Jason keeps telling me that Mia wouldn't have wanted me to stay alone forever, and that she would have wanted me to be happy. It's not that I'm unhappy, but maybe Jason is right.
A few months ago I met this woman at the cemetary, her husband had just died, and we started talking. And we've seen each other a few times since.
She really likes children, she has 2 of her own, and she gets along really well with mine as well.
The girls really like it when Sophie comes over. The ask her albout fashion, and such, things I really don't know what to tell them about.
Sophie doesn't mind, and just answers all of their questions. I really don't know what I'm going to do when Zenzi and Morgana get to puberty.
I like having Sophie around, and I like that she gets along really well with the kids, but we're not dating or anything, so we'll see  how things evolve.

  • So finally, after a month, an update!
    I'm sorry it took me this long, but I have been working on Simmeria mostly, and I haven't felt inspired to write an update, I hope to be on a roll again from now on.
  • About Olaf and Sophie, the reason they aren't dating at the moment is that I think it's too soon for Sophie to start dating some one new, after all her husband died only 4 months ago! She does get along really well with the kids, and with Olaf though, so maybe things mau change in the future, otherwise Olaf has gained a new friend.
  • I've already made my shedule for next round, and we will be seeing Morgana and Zenzi one last time as children next round, after that they will be teens, and I'm really looking forward to that :)


  1. Nice update, and as always with your stories, so realistic. It'll be interesting to see how things are going to develop for the members of this family!

  2. Aw, maybe Anthony will end up a piano virtuoso one day! He could even start a band with Morgana. ;)

    Olaf seems to be doing a great job raising the kids on his own. I'm sure Mia would be proud of him. I'm glad he has Sophie around too, whether they become romantic or not. A friend is always a good thing.

  3. I agree, Sophie would be a good friend regardless if they turn romantic. She can provide that womanly prescence that his kids need and he can provide that manly prescence that her kids needs. I'm actually more excited about them being friends and helping each other recover than romantic :)

  4. Anthony is such a cutie! I'm looking forward to seeing Morgana and Zenzi as teens! And I love the idea of a band! Sophie is adorable, and starting as friends is even better than jumping into romance, helps her heal all the way, and form stronger connections as friends first. I do hope they make a go of it though, a blended family would be fun to read!

  5. I like that Sophie and Olaf are just friends, I like the idea that they can support each other and help each other's kids, without it having to be romantic... it might become romantic in future, it might not, but for now, the friendship thing is nice and I think it works well for both families.

  6. Librarian I'm looking forward to seeing thigs develop as well, I'll guess we'll see next round :)

    Thanks fror reading!

    Carla We'll see about Anthony, music is his OTH, so there's a good chance he'll do something with music when he grows up.

    Olaf isn't doing a bad job at all with the kids! And I'm really looking forward to seeing the girls grow up!
    I think there's chemistry between Sophie and Olaf, but if they don't do anything with it, I plan on letting them be friends. Like you said, a friend is always a good thing.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley I'm sure the girl would love some one to do girlythings with them :)
    We'll see about Sophie and Olaf, I do believe they have 2 bolt chemistry. For now I'm stopping them for doing anything romantic, because it's a little bit too soon, but next time I think I'll let them act on it, just to see what will happen.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I'm loooking forward to growing up those girls, I'm sure it will be interesting :)
    I'm glad Sophie and Olaf aren't rushing in to things, but I secretly hope they make it as a couple as well, like you said, a blended family would be something else :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Blackcat It's nice that Sophie and Olaf are such could friends, but I really wouldn't mind them becoming more than just friends.
    But the friendship is a really nice base to start with.

    Thanks for reading!