Monday, March 18, 2013

In And Around ... SimsVille

Some time ago I said in Twitter I was planning something 'special' to post here, so this is it.
The reason this is special to me, is because I've been planning this for some time now, I think from about I started blogging, at least not long after that, and that's almost 4 years ago.

I always love getting a peek into some one else's hoods, and so I thought it would be nice to do an 'In and Around'-series. And what better part of my hood to start then SimsVille?

SimsVille consistst of 2 parts; SimsVille and SimsVille Up Hill. For better pictures I decicded to do those seperatly.

As you can see on the picture, there are 5 main roads in SimsVille, there is another one, but there is no building on it at all.
As you can also see I've given them all a color, under the picture you can see who's living on that street and what businesses are there. The arrow in the color of the street indicates from where I've started.
The white arrow, pointing to the top of the picture, indicates the road to Simmeria.
(click image for a larger view)


1: The Forman Family: Bruce - Robin - Nathan - Jill - Cédric - Daniel
2: Farewell Cemetary
3: The Mokara Family: Hans - Yin - David - Sam
4 - 6: The Mishoen Family: Marc - Nuan - Tika - Lewis - Joshua - Michael
5: The Collins Family: Logan - Finn - Alana
7: Farewell Lane Hang Out
8: The Zang Family: Xun - Tosca - Ross - Mona - Nora - Tessa - Marcus
11: The Benson Family: Aaron - Emily - Julia - Liam
12: Roque's


6: Central Park
7: The Claudette
8: Jade Garden
9: S.V. Spa
10: The Patio
11: Doctor's Practice
12: H&M
13: Animal Paradise
14: Book-A-Holic
15: Fresh But Frozen Groceries
21: The Zanobi Family: Dimitri - Andrea - Marlys
22: Apartment: A: The Savage Family: Jason - Margot - Vincent
-----------------------B: The Zang Family: Tao - Yena - Xiang
23: Apartment: A: The Belio Family: Bram - Ling - Stephan - Steven
-----------------------B: The Brems Family: Magdalena - David
24: The de Leeuw Family: Harald - Elisa - Brent - Ellen
25: The Gradonni Family: Kürt - Debby - Reinout - Abby - Brian - Sarah - Simon (not in this picture!)


1: Hillside Park
2: The Min Family: Quan - Chu - Florian
3: Pool
10: SimsVille Church
11: Belio's Bunk
12: Coffee C@fé
13: SimsVille City Hall
14: SimsVille Library
15: SimsVille Police Department
16: Sports Center
17: The Ice Box
18: The Stitch
19: Vet Hospital


1: Zoe's Family Restaurant
2: Rai Arts
3: Offices
4: Central Square
5: Tao Technology
6: My Salon
7: Zanobi's
8: IT Bar
9: Bowling Café


4: The Roque Family: Yuan - Françoise - George - Charles - Noémi
6: The Zanobi Family: Sophie - Julian
9: SimsVille Pier
11: SimsVille Beach

  • If there are lot tours I've linked to them. For my playable NPC's I've linked to the playable NPC-page. And for my regular playables I've linked to their profile page.
  • There are still many blanks spots at the moment, and I really don't plan on filling them all up, that would simply be too many sims! But I do plan on filling some of them :)
  • There are also still unbuild buildings, that I've already named, my first plan was on building them first, before posting this update, but I've been planning that for year now, and I always rebuild things after some time :)
  • I'll try to keep this up to date, as I'll try to also post some more lot tours, but as usual; I'm not making any promisses! Ido hope you all like this :)


  1. That was a very interesting glimpse at SimsVille, and I admire your carefull planning and layout of everything! For a while now, I have been thinking about giving New Maximiliania a make-over, but I think I'll complete this round before I'll start on such a huge project :-)

  2. Very nice, love the series. I might have to steal it as well :)

  3. Oh, I love this, Tanja! SimsVille looks fantastic. I always like getting a look at other people's hoods as well. Everyone is so much more organised and planned out than I am, lol!

    I forgot about your marina. It really does look very cool even from hood view. It adds a lot of character to SimsVille. :)

  4. Your hood looks great! I love the way you've done this, too, with the coloured roads and the links to the households. You're making me want to do something similar with Richmond.

  5. Looks great! I really like how you linked the tours and profiles, it's a very interactive way to tour your hood.

  6. Librarian I have to admit I didn't do any planning before, I just put in the houses, and went with what I came up with :)
    I'm looking forward to the make over of New Maximiania!

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley steal away please :) I would love to see more of your hood as well :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I'm glad every one likes this series so much :) Looking at other people's hoods always gives me ideas for my own.

    I think the marina you're refering to is the one in Simmeria, since this one is rather new :) but I have to agree, it does something extra for SimsVille as well :)

    Thenks for reading!

    Blackcat I wanted to make it easy to follow for some one who doesn't play the hood almost daily :) I'm glad I've done that!

    Oh please do something like this too, I'd love to see more of your hood as well!!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I'm glad it's like this much, and that I didn't make it too complicated with the colors and the links and such :)

    Thanks for reading!