Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Draper - April 2024

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The Draper Family
Jason is 46 and Lucas is 10
(Ada van Straaten is 46, Harald de Leeuw is 32)
Narrated by Jason

Whenever Lucas isn't with me I feel kind of lonely, or so it seems. I don't seem to be able to stay at home on my own.
So I go out quite a lot, and I actually do my very best to meet some one. Most of the time just to chat, but it can end up being something more.
I know I'm too old for some of the things I do, but I don't want to be, so I still do them. And they seem to attrackt some attention.
I never start flirting with the intention of ending in bed together. I just want to have a good time.
But when the girl lets me know she wants more herself, who am I to say no?
Lately I have been thinking about my life though, and it made me realise that it does is lonely sometimes, and that living with Ada and Lucas wasn't too bad at all.
All that thinking made me wonder if breaking up with Ada was the right thing to do, and if there wasn't a way to work it out without breaking up.
So when Ada dropped Lucas off, I decided to talk to her about it. She got rather mad about it though. She said it was too late for us to make it work, that 2 years is a little bit too long to think things through.
She also told me that it took her long to get over the break up, but that she finally started dating again, and that she met some one else. I might have lost my temper, bus I was so surprised by this, I just couldn't hold myself.
So getting back together with Ada wasn't an option anymore, so it was time to get some things on paper. I don't mean to take full custody, after all Lucas needs both his parents, but since we weren't married, there wasn't a divorce, and there wasn't anything on paper.
And after 2 years getting things on paper became priority to me. So we contacter Harald de Leeuw, to make it all official.
Lucas has been worried about it all, he doesn't like his parents fighting, and he doesn't want to choose between his parents.
I was able to comfort him, and tell him that something like that would never happen. Lucas is the most important thing in my life, and I will do almost anything to keep him happy.
To get his minds off things I took him to the newly opened camp ground. They have a huge pond, and Lucas had a blast swimming there.
I'm not much of a swimmer, but I can appreciate the outdoors myself as well. So I went fishing instead. I didn't catch anythning, I'm not a great fisher either, but I had a nice relaxing time.
Later that night we were invited by one of the other campers to join them for dinner. It was just a simple burger, but after spending the entire day outdoors, a nice simple meal can taste like your having dinner in a fancy restaurant.
Before getting in our tents, Lucas and I sat around the campfire, and talked a little bit. I can't believe that kid is 10 already! He kept telling me he was really looking forward to meeting some new people when he starts high school in a few year, and I just sat there, amazed that he was almost ready for high school.
He also asked me if I wasn't interested in dating some one new, especially since his mom has been dating too, but at the moment I don't feel ready just yet. So I told him I was planning on enjoying my bacherlorlife for now, and that I would try to be able to spend a lot of time with him as well, and that I thought some one new would complicate things.

I just love this interaction between adults and children, but I couldn't fit these pictures in the update.

  • Ada's new relationship is all gameplay! She did it all on her own, right after I had Jason move out last round. I just didn't think back then that she would just jump into a new relationship, so I made them wait.
  • Jason rolled some wants for Ada this round, but nothing serious, so I made him have second thoughts about the break up. I thought Ada's new relationship would be something he's didn't take hard, but rather see it like a sign they just weren't meant to be back together.
  • Jason is really enjoying his bachelorlife at the moment, but I would like to see him settling down with some one new as well. And he rolls quite a lot a wants for the girl in red, Tabitha Rens, so who knows what will happen between them...


  1. The pictures are great, and so is the story that goes with it! I know I have said this before, but I just love how you write gameplay into your stories.

  2. Yea, two years is a bit long, lol.

  3. Librarian I have to admit that I had to leard playing by my sims' wants and not my own! I used to be a real controlfreak - still am a little bit - and decided on my sims' life instead of going by their wants.
    I like this way much more though.
    I'm glad you like it as well.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley Two years is quite long for a guy to wonder if he and his ex should get back togethern especially a guy like Jason.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Definitely a good idea to get everything down on paper! It's good for Jason and Ada but most of all, it'll give Lucas a sense of stablity about the situation.

    I think I would have reacted similarly to Jason's idea to get back together! Geez, Jason - that ship has sailed! He seems to be enjoying the single man's life anyway and balancing it pretty well with being a good dad to Lucas. No need to rock the boat, I don't think. :) The cuddling pics at the end are adorable. I need to use that interaction more.

  5. Glad they are getting custody in paper and that they both want the best for Lucas. Loved the father and son camping trip, such a sweet memory. It'd be nice if he found someone to share his life with, so he's not so lonely when lucas is with Ada.

  6. Carla I thought it wouldn't hurt them to put everyting on paper.

    I think Jason mostly likes the easy life that living with some one gives him. He's not lazy but it's always nice when things get done for you. But the single life seems to fit him pretty good, but I do hope he'll settle down again once more :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I think it was time for them to get everything on paper, especially since Ada already found some one new.
    I would be more than happy if Jason found some one to be happy with, but I'm starting to think he'll always go from one girl to another, we'll see though :)

    Thanks for reading!