Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gradonni - November 2023

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The Gradonni Family
Kürt is 63, Debby is 55, Reinout is 36, Abby is 32 and Brian is 4
(Mairi Wagtmans is 54, Max Landgraab is 53, Annie Tora is 32, Erik Tora is 30, Owen Tora is 4, Claire Tora is 1 and Celia Tora is 1 month)
Narrated by Reinout

About a month ago Erik and Annie had another baby. Since they live in Simmeria, Debby makes sure they come by more than enough to see the children.
She adores her grandkids, and is very eager to spend all of her  free time with them. I've always wondered why she and Kürt had only 2 kids.
Seeeing Kürt is really crazy of his grandkids as well, I doubt that he didn't want any more after Abby and Annie, but it's such an akward thing to ask.
Debby thinks it's not good for a kid to be alone duning its childhood. She tries to get Owen over as much as she can, so he and Brain can play together.
I don't know why it's such a bad thing to be the only child, I was one, and I turned out ok. But when I see Brain having fun with other kids, I can't help but think that he's missing out on something without siblings.
I know Debby has talked to Abby about it. She has 4 grandkids already but she can't wait to have more, and Annie already told them that, even though they both want more kids, they probably aren't going to have any more.
And I have to admit, that even though those family gathering can get quite loud and hectic, and I sometimes long for a quiet moment, that I also like hving the family over.
The things is that both Abby and I have pretty hectitc jobs. I know I'm home most of the time, but not for haning in front of the TV.
The greenhouse asks a lot of attention. Most of the time Debby helps out, because it's jus too much for 2 men to do.
But it's really rewarding when you see a huge line in front of the cash register. Knowing all those people really want to buy our fresh products, is really satisfying.
Kürt and I have even talked about signing a contract with the Mertens family. They are farmers as well, and live across the street from us. It would be nice to have a constant stock of fresh fruits and vegetables. It would also give us a lot more free time.
Abby's job isn't easy as well. She brings home a lot of her work. This way she's more at home, but the work is really timeconsuming.
Some time ago her boss called her and Mairi, her co-worker, into his office to tell them there would be a jobopening soon, and that they both were eligible for it.
Abby really loves her job, but after long and hard thinking she decided to pass on the job, at least for now.
Because after long and hard thinking we deciced to go for another baby. We figured that now is the time, and that we didn't have to wait much longer since we don't get any younger.
Abby is confident that there will be another promition for her in the future, but that it wouldn't be fair to the kids if she would go for it know.
Even though we decided to go for another child, neither of us expected we would be succesfull this fast. Only 1 month after we started trying again, Abby found out she was pregnant again!
We haven't told any one just yet, and I do think Brain is a little bit too young to understand it if we would tell them. But I doubt we can keep it a secret for long.
Even though Abby and I can't spend all our time with Brain (we are working on that) I'm sure that he doesn't lack attention. Kürt loves having grandsons, and takes them out for fishingtrips almost once a month.
I wasn't too sure about the trips when he first talked to us about it, seeing the boys are only 4. But they both seem to enjoy those moments with their grandpa.
And occasionally they do catch something different than old boots!

I love playing with those frames and filling them up with familypictures! After the fishingtrip of Kürt and the boys, I did this with their diningroomwall :)

  • So another baby for Abby and Reinout. Abby rolled the want, and seeing that Reinout's IFS is 3, and Abby's 5, I took them off birth control.
    Their baby is due in August 2024, and believe it or not, but so far Abby is the only expecting next round! It's going to be a nice change after the babyboom from the last couple of rounds.
  • About the contract with the Mertens family; I originally planned to let the Mertens family open their own shop in DimSimTown. But recently I moved them to SimsVille Up Hill, across the street from the Gradonni's, and let Kürt hire Mia as the manager in his shop.
    I did it like this because, even though I have a lot of families, I just don't have enough of them to spread around SimsVille, Simmeria
    and DimSimTown. So no DimSimTown for now. Simmeria isn't the best place to start a farm, and so they moved to SimsVille, where I simply didn't want another fresh food store.
  • You can't see it in the pictures but I also did some adjustments to the house, and added a floor, it was necessary, especially now.


  1. The family pictures are beautiful, such a great way of keeping treasured memories AND decorating the place nicely at the same time!
    I wonder about the boys being four years old, they look more like ten-year-olds, but I suppose that is part of the system you use in your game to calculate the passing of time and your Sims' ages.

  2. Aw, another baby! I'm glad. It was probably a good idea for Abby to pass on that promotion. She will hopefully have another chance like that in the future but she won't always be able to get pregnant so easily. Plus, she'll have more time with the new baby now.

  3. I can't wait to see the contract worked out. Some of my businesses have contracts with other simmies and they have to deliver 10 of their crafted item at a time to get paid. Another baby is so exciting.

  4. Librarian Thank you! I adore those frames! :)

    I age my kids up to children when they turn 4, that's when they start school. The height is just the default height from the game. I could shrink them a little bit, but I think it's too much work.
    I don't think it's natural when a 4-year old is still a toddler, but then again, as a child they might look a little bit too old as well, it's a choice I had to made though ...

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla That was what I was thinking too, she's only 32 so there still is time for that promotion, but getting pregnant might have been more difficult if they decided to wait.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley I think I'm going to let Mia and Ludo harvest their own crops, and give them to Kürt so he can use them in the shop.
    Your system with a minimum sounds interesting as well, but I'll first try without the minimum.

    I (of course) can't wait for this baby to come :)

    Thanks for reading!

  5. I really like your wall of photos, they turned out really well! I'm excited they are having another baby, I bet Brian will appreciate this. I agree with Carla, that it might have been harder to get pregnant later on, plus Brian is 4, that is a good age spacing. All the kid pictures were great, there is an awful lot of them. Reminded me when we have family gatherings.

  6. Maisie I'm glad you like the wall of photos as well, I'm pretty pleased with it :)
    I didn't want these two to have kids very close in age, so I waited a little bit before taking them off birth control, and they were succesfull from the first time.

    Thanks for reading!