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Warner - August 2024

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The Warner Family
Lawrence is 29, Kenneth is 28, Julie is 4 and Olivia is 2
(Harald de Leeuw is 32, Elisa de Leeuw and Jack Penninkmeijer are 29 and Eli Penninkmeijer is 2)
Narrated by Lawrence

Last January Julie started school, and she loved it. I'm pretty sure though she loves the holidays just as much. The weather had been great this year, and we can't get her out of the garden.
 She's only 4, but she's pretty independent, and she hardly ever needs some one to entertain her.
She does loves attention sometimes though. Kenneth and I couldn't get much time off of work this summer, so most of the days the kids spend their time with my parents. 
But we did get some time off, and we both tried to spend as much time with both Olivia and Julie as possible.
We tried to eacht take seperate time off, so the kids could stay home the majority of the time.
We have a park nearby where Kenneth like to take the kids to. But when ever I'm home, and I know Jack is home as well, I take them down to his place.
Jack's appartmentbuilding has a nice playground, which is great for Julie to play on.
They also have toys for Olivia and Eli to play on. I really think it's important for Julie and Olivia to know their cousins.
Bringing the kids down to Jack's place, gives me some time with my brother, which is a nice perk. Now that we both have kids and a busy jobs, we don't see each other as much as we like, so these moments we can spend together are good.
Harald and Elisa got Julie and Olivia a water wobbler. I don't know why but Julie loves the thing! 
And I'm pretty sure Harald can't wait for Brent to be old enough for these kind of games. He and Julie played with it the entire afternoon they were at out place.
Elisa is pregnant again, and I know she wanted to play with them as well, but decided against it in the end. She's very much looking forward to Brent's 4th brithday, and the arrival of this new baby.
Sometimes, when I know from Kenneth that thing at the hospital are pretty calm, I take the kids down their to visit him. They love going down their.
Julie loves to pretend to be a patient, and makes up the silliest illnesses. Kenneth loves to play along and get her the silliest remedies.
Before going home, Julie always begs for a snack out of the vending machine, I'm not a fan of these kind of snacks, but she always feels so grown up, and proud when she gets to pick one so most of the time I just give in.
Unfortunatly for Kenneth he didn't get much time off this summer. He tries to get in Olivia's morning ritual every day.
And he's greated by a very enthousiastic Julie every day when he comes home from work. It's nice to see and all, but I know he wanted some more time with the kids this summer.
We also try to sit down together for dinner every day. This way the girls have some quality time as a family as well.
On nights when he's not in call, Kenneth tries to do something with either one of the girls. Julie has been beggin to go bowling for weeks now, so on one of those nights he took her to go bowling.
I'm sure wasn't that good, and that she made the funniest faces when concentrating, but I'm also sure she had an amazing time.
She felt like a real lady when Kenneth afterwards took her to the bowling alley bistro, and she got to pick out her own dish.
I'm sure she had a great time, she couldn't stop talking about it when I was getting her ready for bed.
But in the end she calmed down and I was able to kiss her goodnight and put her in bed.
Kenneth and I have been talking about adopting another child, but we both feel that at the moment live is busy enough. We have 2 great girls, who we try to give everything they need.
 Our jobs are rather busy as well. We're not saying we're never going to adopt again, we're just saying we're not adopting again now.

  • Both Kenneth and Lawrence have the want to adopt another child, but I just don't think they are ready the add to their family again. Kenneth has IFS of 3 and Lawrence's 4, so I do believe they will add to their family one day, just not now.
  • I really love Julie! I think she's a pretty cute kid, and she has both her dad wrapped around her little finger. She's going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up, which I'm really looking forward to.


  1. Oh, you obviously have more restraint than me! Both Kenneth and Lawrence with an adoption want? I wouldn't be able to resist that at al.

    Julie is adorable, as is Olivia. She looks like such a fun kid. Hopefully she won't give her dads too much trouble as she gets older - she seems pretty well-behaved. :)

  2. It's lovely to see all the things that our Sim-kids are able to do! I don't thiink I ever took children to a community lot with a bowling alley, I really want to try that, too.

  3. Carla it's hard saying no to them, but still it's not never! I just want them to enjoy these 2 girls, before adding a 3rd child in the mix :)

    I'm really looking forward to playing this family next round because by then Olivia will be a child as well, and I'm sure both girls will wrap their dads around their little fingers :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Librarian You really should take children to a bowling alley! They are pretty sweet when they throw a ball with 2 hands!

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Oh man Julia and Olivia are both totally adorable, I love the photo of Olivia learning to walk in the beginning with her arm over her face, it's like she's saying, 'This walking business is too much work, and it's way too hot!" What a gem! I'm glad they will be adopting again at some point, this is a very sweet family.

  5. Maisie They both are adorable kids!
    I think I will let them adopt again somewhere next round, when both Olivia and Julie are kids and in school. That way they'll have more time to spend with the littlest one.

    Thanks for reading!