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Penninkmeijer - December 2024

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The Penninkmeijer Family
Frederik is 68, Bianca is 63, Dirk is 35, Catherine is 33, Morgan is 17, Elisabeth and Margaret are 2 and Stephanie and Nicholas are 1
(Jack Penninkmeijer and Lawrence Warner are 28, Kenneth Warner is 27, Johanna Penninkmeijer is 25, Gabriëlle Penninkmeijer is 21, Marlys Zanobi is 15, Julie Warner is 3, Eli Penninkmeijer and Olivia Warner are 1)
Narrated by Bianca
The last couple of months Morgan hasn't spend a lot of his free time at home. He's spending it all on studying outdoors, because he can't focus at home with all the babier aroud. At least that's what he's telling us.
I'm not saying he's lying, and I do believe he's spending some of his free time studying. But he's a 17-year old boy, with a girlfriend.
And I honestly think that she's in a lot of his free time as well, wheather he's studiying or not.
We're not complaining at all though, because it all tuned out great. SVU was late this time with sending out their acceptance letters, but at the beginning of this month, Morgan finally got his. So out youngest will be attenting university next month!
His score on his SAT was 49, which wasn't bad at all. To celeberacte we took him out for a nice dinner. He wanted Marlys to come along, and even though both Frederik and I have our doubts that the relationship will last when he's at university, we agreed she could come.
She is a nice girl,  and I wouldn't want that Morgan's heart te be broken, but it's not going to be easy for them when he's at SVU, and she's still at home. After all she's 2 years younger.
Even though our house is rather large, we decided to not invite every one over for the hollidays this year. They all have young kids, and it would be quite hard for them to travell all the way to SimsVille with the little ones.
Laura even wasn't home this year, she and Dennis decided to celebrate the hollidays at the Isle of Laïa. So instead Frederik and I went to visit our kids ourselfs.
This way we also got some individual time with the grandkids, which is something I really love.
Frederik was also pretty happy to have some time with his grandkids. But I know he can't wait for them to be a little bit older so he can play some games with them.
After stopping by at Lawrence's, we went through to Jack's place. I think it's something we should do more, spend time with the kids at their place, but we hardly have time to do so.
I never thought Jack and Jo would have kids this soon, but they are doing great. I love watching my kids handle their own children.
Eli is such a happy kid, who loves being the center of attention. I think he also loves being the only child, and getting all his parent's attention, but I can't help but wonder, Jack and Jo will have another one.
Gabriëlle lives with a roommate, so she came to our place. It's always nice to have her around, but I think she's having a hard time not that Laura moved out of the house, and kind of left her behind.
She told us she started dating some one, but that it's nothing serious just yet. Even though I'm happy for her. She deserves some oen good as well.
Having 2 sets of twins is hard, and loud, there's always one that needs some attention. We are all more than happy when they play quietly together.
The plus side of having kids who are the same age, is that they can entertain together.
I know Catherine and Dirk would love to spend some more individual time with their kids, instead of some stolen moments in between.
But with work, and 3 other children it's going to be some stolen moments for quite some time.
Frederik and I try to help out as much as we can. We look after the kids when Dirk and Catherine are at work. We also help to teach them to walk and talk is.
And we also try to make sure they have some moments for just the 2 of us. It's important that they have that, we wouldn't want them to break up just because they didn't make time for each other.

  • I really didn't feel like inviting all of their kids over for Christmas, it would have been too hectic. Especially with 4 toddlers already in the house, I didn't feel like adding 3 more for pictures!
  • Bianca and Frederik now have 7 grandchildren, and like true sim-grandparents, they both have the want for another one! I'm pretty sure one of their children will be more than willing to to oblige :)
  • "The Isle of Laïa", where Laura and Dennis are on holiday, is Twikii Island, I renamed it :)
  • So with this updte we conclude round 12. Next I'll post the conclusion and the ROS for round 13. I'll also update the play schedule, student index, and the profiles, and when that's all done it's time for the January birthdays :)


  1. Congrats for concluding round 12!
    Two sets of twins, and all at toddler age - I don't envy the parents :-D

  2. That's awesome that Morgan got into university! I have the same fears Bianca has about his relationship with Marlys next year but who knows? Young couples have survived that kind of distance before and they just may be lucky that way.

    Loved all the Christmas pics with Bianca and Frederik visiting all their grandkids. I totally understood not wanting to be bothered with inviting everyone over and doing a whole big thing! It really does get chaotic and I find that I have to be in a mood for that sort of business. ;)

    Yay for another round completed! I'm excited for birthdays. :D

  3. Woot on finishing round 12! The Christmas photos were really nice, I like seeing Grandparents with the grandkids. Just pretend that the other members of the family had plans anyway for Christmas. ;) That's what I would have done, I can understanding not wanting to add more chaos. Two sets of twins, that's a lot of chaos!

  4. Librarian I have to say I'm really looking forward to next round, when at least one of those twins will be children!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla It was a pretty close one for Morgan, but I'm glad he got in. I don't know what will happen with Morgan and Marlys. I wouldn't mind either situation, they both would be interesting.

    I think it would have driven me crazy, inviting all those familymembers over.

    One of the most exciting things about new rounds; the January birthdays, I'm looking forward to them as well.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I like wachting grandparents with their grandchilrens as well, somehow it's sweeted to see granddad with his grandchild, than it is to see a dad with his child!

    Next time I'll play this family, the oldest twins will be children, and I can't wait for that!

    Thanks for reading!