Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthdays - February 2024

A few weeks ago Abby Gradonni and Reinout Krielman found out they weren't expecting just one baby, but 2! They've had some time to get used to the idea but it's still overwhelming.

Their 5-year old son, Brian, knows there will be a little bother or sister soon, but he doesn't know there will be 2 younger sibling. So his parents take him out the give him the news.
Brian really doesn't see the problem, and is sure he will be friends with both of them, and is really looking forward to the taks of being a big brother.
Both Abby and Reinout are really happy with this reaction, especially since they were expecting something else.

  • Yes twins - again! My game is doomed to give me school-updates with an enormous amount of students!
  • Brian is a really outgoing kid, so I don't think he will have any problems adjusting to 2 siblings instead of 1.
  • At the moment I don't have any preference of what sex I want the babies to be. It would be nice to have girls, seeing Abby's sister, has 2 young girls as well, but boys would be nice also since I wouldn't mind an all boy family.


  1. Twins! Aw, I can never be too upset about twins in my game, because I really do love babies so much. But yeah, school updates are going to be insane for you in about 4 sim years time!

  2. Carla I can never be too upset about twins either, though I could have done with a few last this last couple of rounds, lol!
    I'm not looking forward to those school updates, but I'm looking forward to watching all these kids grow up.

    Thanks for reading!