Thursday, May 23, 2013

Round 12 Summary

Like I said in last round's summary, the baby-boom didn't stop there!

Birthts: 15 (Kevin Ooms, Vera Lamberts, Claire Tora, Stephanie Penninkmeijer, Nicholas Penninkmeijer, Eli Penninkmeijer, Cédric Forman, Daniel Forman, Dean Zang, Noémi Roque, Caleb Gerrits, Keira Gerrits, Celia Tora, Julia Benson and Liam Benson)

Deaths: 1 (Lucas Zanobi)

Engagements: 2 (Eddy Sels and Magda Kievits, Madeleine Rai and Cole Brems)

Marriages: 6 (Mariëtte and Adam Snijders, Anna and Bai Zang, Ella and Gunnar Roque, Emily and Aaron Benson, Magda and Eddy Sels, Margot and Jason Savage)

Break-ups: 2 (Ada van Straaten and Jason Draper, Eleanora Roque and Benny Min)

Graduations: 3 (Margot Mertens, Melissa Mertens and Belinda Stevens)

New residents: 2 (Olivia Warner and Dennis Heaven)

Total population: 151 (80 male, 71 female)
Babies: 9
Toddlers: 19
Children: 26
Teens: 8
Adults: 74
Elders: 15


  1. Ok seriously, 15 babies, that is just insane! I seriously would start drawing a blank on names, and just randomly draw them I think! Funny that Dennis' last name is Heaven, I can see lots of funny ways that Laura could use that, 'Come here I need a little slice of heaven' just to name one. lol

  2. Your kindergarten is going to be INSANE in 5 years time, lol! Unlike Maisie though, I would have no problem naming that many babies. I have so many names saved up for my sims who aren't even having any more children "just in case"!

    I somehow missed that you had so many weddings this round too (although I definitely saw them all). It's been a crazy round in SimsVille!

  3. Maisie 15 really is insane, but I like them all :) I have no problems with names so far, most of them I already know before the kids are born, some even when the parents are only dating, lol.
    Lol about Dennis' last name, I never thought about it :)

    Thanks for reading

    Carla I like all those kids, and adding new genes to my game, but I'm really not looking forward to playing my schools when they all start school in a few rounds!

    I do the same with the names, most of the time I'm well prepared for any addition, even for the "just in case" ones :)

    I hadn't realised I had 6 weddings this round, untill I wrote this post :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Can i ask if you have a population limit? Because you have a really fast growing population.

  5. Alen Sometimes I think I should limit my population, but I don't. If my sims don't get pregnant, I'll add playable NPC's, so I don't think I'll stick to it if I did.
    We'll see how far we can go I guess :)

    Thanks for reading!