Thursday, December 5, 2013

Brithdays - September 2024

Every few month the BelleDonna District Hospital organizes a tour of the maternity ward. This way the new parents will get a look of where everything will happen and they also get a lot of information.

This time the group consists of 3 couples; Margot and Jason Savage, first time parents, Elisa and Harald de Leeuw, pregnant for the second time, and Mairi and Harry Wagtmans, who, with a 3rd pregnancy, seem well prepared, but still wanted to take the tour.
Dr. Ingrid Lamberts is the one giving the tour, and she's very proud of the new maternity ward. First she takes the couples to see the rooms.
The guys don't seem that impressed with it all, but it's not them who will be here giving birth.
Next they'll have a look at the room where the babies will spend the first days of their lifes.
And lastly they are taken to the room where the premature babies are looked after. Neither of the parents want their baby to end up here, but they look pleased with the room and it's facilities.
The conclude the tour with questions from all the parents.
While these 3 couples are preparing for adding to their family, Marie and Sya Gerrits are celebrating the 1st birthday of their twins; Caleb...
...and Keira.

  • I've got the idea of giving a maternity ward-tour from some of the people I know who are pregnant and recently got one of those tours. Later I saw an episode of Bones where they also gotten such a tour. I though it was a nice way to do a pregnancy-update.
    And this way you all gotten a small glimpse of the renewed hospital.
  • Onto the pregnant sims; Margot and Jason are in their 3rd trimester now and are expecting their baby in December. Elisa and Harald are almost in their 3rd trimester and are expecting their baby in January, and Mairi and Harry are almost in their second trimester and are expecting their baby in April.
  • I like both Caleb and Keira, but I especially think Caleb is a cutie!
    I think they both have the same mouth, which I think they gotten from their dad, but they have different noses (at least in my opinion), I think Keira's more Sya.
    I'm really terrible at this!


  1. The maternity ward tour is a great way to incorporate your currently pregnant couples and a look at the hospital in the same post, great idea!
    Love the yellow and other brightly coloured accents throughout the ward.

  2. Very nice, I love the idea of a maternity tour

  3. Seeing you have three couples expecting right now, I think a maternity ward tour was a great way to include them all. :)

    Caleb and Keira are both so adorable. I think they're going to make such gorgeous adults!

  4. The hospital looks great, exciting having all these babies coming soon! Maybe they will make friends and set up play dates when their babies are born. And Caleb and Kiera are uber cute. I really like Caleb, but Kiera has such pretty hair and a cute expression that she just looks like a sweetheart.

  5. Librarian I was getting out of idea's for maternity updates, they seem to be all the same :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley I'm glad the idea is liked!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I wanted to do something different for a pregnancy update, and lot tour, so a I merged them :) I'm glad you liked i!

    I always love birthdays, but when I age some one up, I'm always looking forward to seeing them grow up, and Keira and Caleb are no exception.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I'm glad you like the hospital, I do too. Knowing me I'll probably never finish and keep chaning things :)
    Oh yes play dates, never done those, but always wanted to, you've given me a nice idea here, thank you!
    Both Caleb and Keira are adorable kids!

    Thanks for reading!