Friday, August 23, 2013

Zanobi - February 2024

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The Zanobi Family
Dimitri is 41, Andrea is 43 and Marlys is 16
(Sophie Zanobi is 49, Matthew Zanobi is 20, Morgan Penninkmeijer is 18)
Narrated by Marlys
Dad and uncle Lucas never were really close, but they were brothers and friends. And I know it still hurts dad that uncle Lucas died last summer, and he is having a really hard time dealing with it.
It's strange knowing that uncle Lucas isn't around anymore, even though I didn't see him that much. I can't help but think how hard it must be for Emma and Julian.
Dad puts up a happy face every time he opens the shop, and I'm sure it helps get his mind off uncle Lucas when he's around people, and when he can help them find the best things for their pets.
Busy days are even better he says himself, they don't allow him time to think of things. When Matthew was younger he helped dad out in the shop, but dad hasn't asked me, so I think he really wants to do things himself now.
Mom and dad try to get together with aunt Sophie more now. To check if she and Emma and Julian are ok. Especially now, now that Emma started uni, and isn't living at home anymore, mom and dad want to make sure aunt Sophie is coping.
Aunt Sophie is doing rather well, she hasn't opened the restaurant just yet though. She feels like she isn't ready at the moment, but she also realizes that she can't wait too long anymore. But she's dreading having to hire a chef, since uncle Lucas used to be the chef.
Mom suggested she and dad got away from it all for a few days, and suggested taking a trip to the Isle of Laïa. It didn't have to be long, just a few days, just the 2 of them.
They came home completely refreshed it seemed. Mom spend hours just sitting at the beacht watching the waves.
While dad spend a huge portion of the time in the water.
They made time for each other, to talk about all kinds of things.
 They even did some really childish things like building a sandcastle.
The vieuw from their room must have been amazing, as well was the food. From the stories they told, I'm pretty sure I'll be going there one day as well!
The most important things though was that they had a good time, and didn't have to think about they daily things for a few days, and I'm pretty sure that's exactly what they did.
Mom and dad's trip left me home alone for a few days. The thought of throwing a party had crossed my mind, but with school, work, violin and ice skating, there really wasn't any time to do so.
I already don't have much time with Morgan, that I sometimes go downtown to the Simmeria library to meet up with him.
With his studies and mine, we don't get to see each other all that much, so we arrange study-dates.  They are ussually on my free afternoons, and I'm more than grathefull that he can get there those days as well.
I like everything I do, like the violin and the ice skating, but it sometimes can be so timeconsuming!
Whenever Morgan has time to come, he comes and watches me practise my routins on the ice.
I always like it when he does, plus it also gives us a few minutes afterwards, but never a lot, but I guess it's better than nothing at all.
Some weekends Matthew finds the time to come home, others he doesn't. I really don't know which weekends I prefer! Whenever he's here he's bugging me with thing I already know, that I have to work hard at school to make sure I get in to uni. He really has nothing to worry about though, I'm pretty sure about getting in to uni!
He's not always that bad though. Last time he was here, it snowed, so we both went outside to build a snowman.
I felt like I was 6 again, but it was so nice to to this again.
Since Matthew doesn't always have time to come home, mom and dad always make a big deal of it when he does come home. So we ussually end up going some place fancy for his last night home.
You don't hear me complaining though, I'm secretly hoping they continue this when I start uni in a few years.

  • I didn't realise how busy Marlys' life is! The girl has school, she has an afterschool job, she plays the violin, and she's also ice skating, with all of this she still manages to get an A in school! No wonder she can't give a party when her parents aren't home for a few days.
  • Her brother doesn't need to worry about her not getting into uni. Her SAT is 58, which also means she only has to pay half the tuition.
  • Sophie is doing pretty well considering her husband died about 6 months ago. She and Julian now live alone in the house, but I think they'll manage.
  • I did want to do something 'more' with Lucas' dead, that's why I had Dimitti go to the cemetary to visit his grave. It does makes sence and it would be something some one in real life would do as well.


  1. Wow, she is busy and she has awesome grades as well. That's amazing. A quick wcif, do you remember where you got the simlish wall hanging that looks like a calendar when they were visiting Sophie?

  2. Yeah, Marlys' schedule is jam-packed! She's done amazingly at school, so it's no wonder she's so sure about her chances for university. ;) Have you decided what job Marlys will go into when she's older yet? All the ice skating reminded me of my Charlotte, who I plan to put into the figure skating career. :)

    Morgan and Marlys still make a cute couple. I'm glad they can still make time for each other, when their schedules allow!

  3. Apple Valley I keep wondering how she does it, but I'm pretty proud of Marlys.

    The wall hangning is from feenwald:

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I'm gald at what Marlys has achieved so far. I do plan on putting Marlys in the figure skating career, but I also want her to have something fo fall back on when she can't do that anymore. I haven't decided on that yet though.

    They hardly roll any wants for each other, so we'll see what well happen when they are both at uni.

    Thanks for reading!

  4. I don't think Matthew has to worry about maryls, she definitely is very ambitious and a hard worker and its pretty obvious she would be a shoe-in for uni. Doesn't sound like she's as attached to Morgan these days, I wonder if that fire will reignite once she's at uni.

    I like that you are giving her a fall back career, I wonder what that will be. I haven't decided what my Rachael will do yet after her figure skating career.

  5. Maisie I don't think he has to worry either. She's got it all planned out already, and she's a hard worker, she'll get where she wants to go.
    I still have 2 more uni updates to go through before I can add Marlys to the uni-crowd, so we'll see how things go on Morgan's side.

    I have something in mind for Marlys for when she has to stop ice skating, but I still have to work it out a little bit more :)

    Thanks for reading!