Sunday, November 10, 2013

Birthdays - July 2024

Elisa and Harald have gone through it all before, but Elisa would have been much happier if Harald could come with her when ever she needed to go to the gynocologist. Unfortunatly with his job, it's not always possible so Elisa has to go on her own.

Everything is going very well, the baby is growing as it should be. Dr Lambert also informs about the situation at home, if they are well prepared, because coming home with a second baby is different from coming home with your first. Elisa tells her that they aren't yet ready with everything, but they still have 6 months before the baby is due.

  • Elisa is due for January 2025, so they still have time to prepare their house for their second addition.
  • I really don't have a gender preference at the moment, I like Brent, and I wouldn't mind him having a brother, but I also wouldn't mind seeing their genetics in a little girl.


  1. Can't wait to see Brent become a big brother!

    It's always nice when you're not too worried about what sex the baby will be and know you'll be happy either way. I usually end up basing my preferences on the names I've picked out in those cases - whichever name I like better, that's the sex I'm hoping for!

  2. Carla Most of the time the names I've picked out is how I decide wich gender I want the baby to be, but for this family I'm kind of clueless about the names for now :)

    Brent will become a child in january 2025, she he will literaly be a big brother when this new baby is born :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Super exciting, Brent as a big brother will be very sweet, and two brothers is always enjoyable, but little girls are always super sweet too. Funny on Carla hoping for a certain sex based on the baby names picked, I feel that way sometimes myself, I also hope for boys to carry on family names, but you have that already with Brent.

  4. Maisie Brent will be 4 by the time his sibling arrives, so he will be able to actually be a big brother.
    I sometimes hope for a certain sex based on the name I've picked, but in this case I have no idea of a name, at least not yet :)
    I sometimes let my guys take their wifes' name just to be sure the name is carried on ... :)

    Thanks for reading