Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthdays - October 2023

After giving birth to her 2 older children, Owen and Claire, Annie thought she was prepared to do it once more. But there she was again, in pain, and not as prepared as she thought she was.

One thing she was sure of, was that the pain was all worth the small bundle of joy she held in her arms a few hours later.
And the even better thing is when you are able to bring home your new daughter. Both Erik and Annie feel like their family is now complete, with Owen, Claire and little Celia, but never say never.

  • So the Tora's have another girl, Celia. Just like her older brother and sister, she had black hair and bronw eyes, just like their mother. I do hope to see some genetics from their dad in them though!
  • I was kind of glad they had a girl, especially since Celia is really close in age with Clair, only 16 months apart. 
  • I'm not ruling out Annie and Erik having another one. Even though they have filled all the rooms in their house, neither of them haven't reached their IFS yet, hers is 6 and his 5, so there still is a possibility. I think I'll thake them off birth control in a few years and see what will happen.


  1. Aw, welcome Celia! I somehow didn't realise she and Claire were so close in age. That will be fun for them as they grow up. :)

  2. When I allowed Annie to get pregnant again, I didn't realise it either :)
    I'm sure it's going to be hectic the first few years, but I'm sure it will be fun for Claire and Celia.

    Thanks for reading!