Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mishoen - February 2024

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The Mishoen Family
Fen is 62 and Goofy is 59
(Marc Mishoen is 71, Nuan Mishoen is 66, Enya Terrano is 9, Sayda Terrano is 6 and Wylco Terrano is 4)
Narrated by Fen

I try to spend my days off with my grandchildren. Zoey is still to small to do everything, but Enya, Sayda, and Wylco come up with ideas all the time.
Last time Wylco really wanted to go to sotrytime at the library. I had a hard time trying to get the girls, especially Enya, on board, but with the promis of some iceskating afterwards they finally agreed.
I do think Enya and Sayda also had a nice time and I believe they really liked the story.
Afterwards we went to the icerink right around the corner from where we live. Goofy went to the terrace to get a cup of coffee, but I decided to go on the ice with the kids.
Neither of the kids were very good at it, and they kept falling down. Wylco gave up pretty fast, but the girl were determinded to skate at least one round without falling.
After some time they even felt brave enough, to skate away from the side, and do some turns together in the middle of the rink. They both felt pretty proud they were able to do that without falling down.
I joined Goofy right after Wylco gave up, and found some one to play with next to the rink. We made sure we always had an eye on the kids, but we were able to chat a little bit as well.
I think I've overdone a little bit though. That night, after taking a shower, I felt pretty terrible, and got a terrible cough.
After going to the doctor, I was diagnosed with the flu, and was put on bedrest for a couple of days.
As much as I like having the house to myself once in a while; when you're home alone several days in a row, it can get quite boring. I was more than happy to go back to work.
The first days after I went back to work, Goofy and I took it rather slow. We stayed at home most of the time, and told the kids to stay away, because we didn't want the grandkids to get the flu either.
We normally have pretty full agenda's, with visiting the kids, having the kids visit us, work, going out for dinner ..., so it was kind of nice to have some time for just the 2 of us.
All that quiet time ended when Goofy got home with the promotion he had been working for. He was given a nice bonus, and a coupon for a nice breakfast at the Blue Stone Bistro at the beach.
We decided to exchange the coupon the first morning we were free. And we had a really nice breakfast. We weren't too sure about the bistro, since it's new and all, but it was really good.
If Goofy is rewarded with this kind of things every time he get a promotion, I wouldn't mind if he kept working for a little bit longer.
Later that same week we went down to SimsVille for dinner with my sister, Nuan, and her husband, Marc. I was never great with keeping up relationship, just look at the one I have with my son, but I'm determind to work on them, and so meeting with my sister has become a weekly thing.
The Claudette is a rather new restaurant, but it already has a great name, so we wanted to try it out, and see what was all the fuss about.
I have to say, the reviewers didn't exaggerate at all! Dinner was great, even Goofy's simple spaghetti was amazingly good. We are all pretty sure we will come back one day.

  • I'm trying to keep my elders' lifes a little bit intersting to play and to read, and I have to say, taking them out with the grandchildren, haven the kids visit, ... really helps me enjoying playing these emptynesters. I just hope the stories are interesting to read as well.
  • I was pretty happy that Fen survived the flu. I don't think I could have handled another death like that, I already had a hard time not exiting without saving when Lucas Zanobi died last round, I don't think I could have done it another time!
  • Well, with not updating for over a week I have updates ready to be written until November. I'll do my very best to not let you all wait this long again, but I'm not making any promisses.


  1. I love how you make empty nesters interesting, it's so hard to do sometimes.

  2. I must remember and do something similar with my empty-nesters, it's a great way of keeping their lives (and updates) interesting!
    Love their house and the places they are going to.

  3. Appel Valley I get inspired by others a lot, and keeping my elder busy is somehting I see, and like, in Carla's game a lot.
    I sometimes really struggle to figure out what to do with them though.

    Thanks for reading!

    Librarian I'm glad you like it :) It's really nice to play this way.

    The house was part of a box-project, and the communitylots are my own :) I'm glad they are liked as well :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Glad fen survived! That would have been sad if she hadn't and I was worried a bit for her. Love seeing her with all the grand kids, fun post.

  5. Maisie I'm glad she survived as well! I don't think I would have saved if she died though, especially not since I've lost Lucas Zanobi like that already.

    I like bringing them together with their grandkids, it's always nice to see grandparents and grandkids together.

    Thanks for reading!