Saturday, May 18, 2013

Birthdays - December 2023

It's already been a year since Jo and Jack welcomed their son Eli into their little family, and now they celebrate his 1st birthday.

And even though Olvia a year hasn't passed since Lawrence and Kenneth adopted Olivia, she also celebrated her 1st birthday this month.

  • I think Eli turned out pretty cute. He has his dad's eyes, with his mom's eyecolor. He definatly has his mom's nose, and his dad's mouth. At least how I see it :) I think he's a really nice mix of his parents.
  • Olivia is a cutie as well. I'm really looking forward to her (and of course her sister) growing up, and seeing what genes they bring to SimVille.
  • I would also like to point out that I've update my playable NPC page. I'm aware that I have way too many of them, as I also have way too many regular playables, but I love adding new families, sims, stories, genetics .... There are 2 pictures that aren't up-to-date, the one from the Benson family, they have 2 kids right now, and the one from them Forman family, they have 3 kids right now. To be honest I didn't feel like taking posed pictures with babies, they never coƶperate!


  1. Aw, Eli and Olivia are both adorable! I love Olivia's little goldfish shirt. :)

  2. Eli is adorable, and Olivia is totally cute too! She looks like a mini adult, like some kids do in real life. Adorable!

  3. Carla Olivia's outfit is by simsquirts, found at the graveyard. They had some really nice things for toddlers and kids, but the site closed.
    I was really pleased with how Eli turned out, and Olivia is a sweetie :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie They both are really cute kids, I'm looking forward how they develop further on.

    Thanks for reading!