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Terrano - April 2024

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The Terrano Family
Nio is 33, Stella is 39, Enya is 9, Sayda is 6 and Wylco is 4
(Fen Mishoen is 62, Goofy Mishoen is 59, Tika Mishoen is 40, Tina Mishoen is 23 and Zoey Mishoen is 3)
Narrated by Stella

I took a week off from work during the kids' Easter holiday. Mainly so the kids would be able to spend the days at home, but also because I wanted some time away from the office to work on some atricles.
I think all 3 of the kids were more than happy to be able to stay at home instead of going to the daycare, and the weather played a huge part this time as well.
It's been really nice this springs, hardly any rain, and the temperatures were great to play in the garden as well.
We made sure they weren't bored, and even gotten them some extra toys to enjoy the garden as much as possible!
On the occasional rainy days I arranged some playdates, or they asked some friends over themselves.
On those days our livingroom was filled with kids, and I have to say they could get pretty loud, but I didn't mind at all, as long as my kids were happy.
I think the kids would have been perfectly happy staying at home that week I was home as well. But since the tempartures were so nice, I thought it would be nice to go to the outdoor pool, just around the corner.
We do live across the street from the beacht, but the pool seemed like nicer idea. And seeing how much fun the kids had on the slide, made me realise I made the right decision.
I thought Wylco was a little bit too young to play on the slide, after all he's only 4. I eventually gave in to his begging and said he could try it as well. The boy nearly gave me a hart attack when he came down head first, but he seemed fine afterwards.
So I was able to enjoy my lounger, or at least I tried to enjoy it, since there were some older kids as well, and they were getting into an arguement.
We eventually had to run, because those older kids were getting into a fight, and I really didn't want my kids to get in to the middle of that, so I took them to a cantina, to get a snack.
We should really do more of those things with the kids. They really enjoyed the swimmingpool, and the snack.
Sometimes my kids do scare me though. Like the other night when I saw Enya reading a thriller. It scares me to think that in a few years time she could one of those fighting kids we ran from at the pool.
I do realise all children need to grow up, and that mine aren't any different from others in that, but I can really enjoy watching them do really childish things, like jumping in a puddle of rain.
Both Nio and I are pretty satisfied of how our kids turned out so far, and we have been talking about having one more, but eventually decided against it.
Nio's job is already hard enough with 3 young children. I know he loves dancing, but let's be honest, it doesn't pay that much, and after all this years, he still isn't well known in the field, and the hours are really crappy!
He tries to spend some time with the kids, but most of the time the kids are home, Nio has to work, so unfortunalty the time he can spend with the kids isn't much. I know he has been thinking about changing jobs, but since he will be forced to retire in a few years, he wants to be able to do what he loves as much as he can.
I do understand that, after all I love my job! But adding another kid in that mix might not be the best thing. And we're both kind of happy to finally be done with daipers and potty training.
I'm pretty sure Fen wouldn't mind having another grandchild, but she's perfectly happy with the 4 she has at the moment. She's not the kind of gandma to ask for more grandchildren.
On Nio's day off we decided to have the family over, to enjoy the garden and the nice weather.
I'm really glad the relationship between Fen and Nio is much better now, especially since the kids like their grandparents so much.
It's alwaus nice to have the family over, even though those days seem even bussier than when the kids have a bunch of friends over, but seeing the kids with their grandparents always warms my heart.
Fen and Goofy also brought a gift, some kind of watertoy. The kids immidiatly changed into their swimsuits to try it out, and they had a great time when Tina joined them.
I have to say that I really enjoyed my week off from work; I got to spend time with my kids, I was able to spend some time writing on the articles I wanted to get done, and I even able to have some time all for me, which had been a while.
There was only one thing that put a damper on a nice week, and that was the night Tika came by to talk to Nio. She wanted to get out of the house, because things weren't going good at the moment.
She didn't want to say much, so all Nio could do was offer our support and say that if she needed anything she could always come to us.

  • The update turner out a little bit longer than I planned, I could have made it even longer, but I really had fun with this family :)
    I know there isn't much of Nio in this update, but he really was at work most of the time.
  • Like a good family-sim Nio did roll the want for another baby, but I think 3 is enough. Nio's IFS is 7, and Stella's 2. I'm not saying there definatly won't be another one, but at least not at the moment. Stella is almost 40, and with Nio's job it's not easy to add anohter one.
  • The fight Stella and the kids 'ran' from when they were at the pool, really did happen, but it weren't teen who started fighting, it was actually Nuan Mishoen (Fen's sister) so I didn't thik I could use that in the update.


  1. I enjoyed reading this, especially seeing how Stella Terrano has such a very different life in your game from mine (in mine, she is married to Ashley Pitts and lives with him in Ophelia Nigmos' house, who managed to buy back her aunt Olive Specter's old place after finishing uni). Stella has no children in my game, so I have no idea whether they would have her skin tone or not.

  2. Nice that Stella could take a week off and just stay home with the kids and do fun stuff around town. I can see why Stella wouldn't want to add another kid to the mix, especially with nio's crummy pay and hours. Why hasn't he done better in his field?

  3. Loved the update, enjoyed seeing what a week of holiday is like for the family. Another child might be too much for them at the moment.

  4. Aw, I miss Sim Spring! My sims are stuck in winter and are very jealous of your sims and their lovely weather. ;) I loved the pics of the kids taking full advantage of the outdoors.

    It seems like not having another kid is the right decision for Stella and Nio. Has Nio decided what he wants to do once he's forced to retire from dancing? I'll have to start thinking about that for Audrey eventually - she can't dance forever. :(

  5. Librarian I always like seeing the maxis sims, especially since I have so little of them in my game. Bur I like seeing them when their lifes differ from the lifes they have in my game.
    I try to keep my hood as real as possible, but I added Stella before I decided on that. If I would do it all over I don't think I'dd add sims with green skintones :)
    I hoped at least one of Nio and Stella's kids would get Nio's skintone, but my game decided otherwise.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I had fun with Stella 'at home' as well and taking her around town was nice to do. Adding a fourth child would make the household a little bit too chaotic and wouldn't work with their jobs either.

    Nio hasn't done well in his job all because of me! I gave him the job he wanted long before I started seeing at witch job would fit him, and never paid much attention to it afterwards.
    He's not going to dance forever though, I didn't mention it in this update, but Nio has been working on getting a degree since he wants to be a teacher when he stops dancing.

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley Glad you liked it, I had fun playing it :)
    I don't know if they will ever have a 4th child, but at the moment I don't think it's going to happen.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla You'll get to spring and summer soon enough! And you sims are going to enjoy the outdoors as much as they can when you get there!

    It has been mentioned in the previous update that Nio wants to become a teacher when he stops dancing. He has been working on getting a degree, so he'll be ready when he's forced to retire from dancing. It will still be some years before it's time, but I'll be in need of some teachers in a few years anyway :)

    Thanks for reading!