Friday, November 29, 2013

Birthdays - August 2024

When Abby Gradonni and Reinout Krielman came in for their last check up, Dr. Lamberts decided to keep Abby, and to let the babies come.

A few hours later Abby was once again in labor.
And after 9 months of waiting she was able to welcome little Sarah ...
... and Simon into their family.
Even though the babies came a little earlier than planned, both of them were perfectly healthy and they were cleared to go home a few days later.
While Abby and Reinout are preparing to take their twins home, over at the Roque household they are preparing to celebrate Noémi's 1st birthday.
And what better way to celebrate than to have a picture taken of their 3 chilrende together: George, Noémi and Charles.

  • I'm glad Abby and Reinout had their babies. I would have loved it if they had 2 boys, so they would have an all boy family, but again my game decided otherwise, I'm happy with Sarah and Simon though. Both kids have black hair and brown eyes, like their mother.
  • I love how Noémi turned out. She's pretty cute. I have a hard time figuring out who she looks like though.


  1. Aw, an early arrival! Welcome Simon and Sarah - glad they both are healthy!

    Noemi is adorable. That picture of her with her brothers is just so precious!

  2. Such a sweet picture of the three children!

  3. Carla I'm glad they are healthy as well.

    I love that picture of the three Roque kids as well, and I adore Noémi, she's adorable!

    Thanks for reading!

    Librarian It is, isn't it? I think Noémi makes it complete :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. Noemi is really cute, she's pretty unique from her brothers as far as I can tell. And how exciting on Sarah and Simon, an all boy family would be fun (still waiting on one of my own!), but Sarah will be a lot of fun too, I am sure.

  5. Maisie I adore Noémi and I'm really looking forward to seeing her grow up! I was thinking the same about her and her brothers, they don't seem to have that much in common.

    I'm sure it will be fun seeing Sarah grow up with her 2 brothers, and she has 2 nieces only 1 and 2 years older than she is, so she will always have girls to hang out with.

    Thanks for reading!