Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SVU - September 2023

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SimsVille University
Melina Mokara and Matthew Zanobi are 19, Eleanora Roque, Benny Min and Lars Mertens are 18
(Marcus Young is 31 and Emma Zanobi is 17)
Narrated by Melina
Last year when I was assigned a room with a roommate, I was disappointed. But this year it turned out to work out fine. Ellie moved in and was assigned to by my roommate.
I love having one of my best friends as my roommate, but we hardly get any sleep since we talk for hours late at night.
Lately she hasn't been around much. I was shocked when she told me she was seeing famous basketballplayer, Marcus young! Especially seeing she hadn't broken up with Benny yet.
She hangs out with him constantly. She even goes to the gym because he needs to keep in shape for the games.
One Saturday she even dragged me and Emma to the basketball court to see one of Marcus' games. She didn't want to go alone, so she asked Emma and me to go along.
We actually didn't see much of the game but talked most of it.
 After the game Ellie introduced us to Marcus. Emma is a huge sport's fan, so she was thrilled to meet a such a huge name in basketball.
Even though I'm not much into sport, it was a nice afternoon. Marcus really is a nice guy, and I can see Ellie really likes him.
It's just not so much fun to be in the dorm when both Ellie and Benny are around. Ellie never told Benny but he did find out about her and Marcus. They are constantly fighting!
We all got tired of it, so I finally set Ellie down to have a talk with her. Benny deserves a proper explanation, and he needs to hear it from her.
I don't think she was expecting such a lecture, I don't even think she knew it was bothering us all that much. But she did agree, and promised to talk to Benny.
I don't know what she said, and how he took it all, but they talked for quite some time. And the constant arguing stopped.
Benny stays in his room most of the time. He tells everyone he's studying, that he finds college a little bith harder than expected, and I do think he studies a lot.
But I also think he wants to stay away from Ellie as much as possible.
It's funny, but the fact that Benny is studying so much has inspired Lars to do the same.
Whenever you find Benny in the dorm-library, Lars is there as well. They practically have the same major, and I think Lars can see the benefits from studying with Benny.
It's probably not a bad thing that they study together. Whenever Lars is left on his own, he gets distracted.
He seems to have a different girl every day. I'm amazed they didn't find out about one another so far.
Sometimes I'm jealous that Lars seems to have so much time to spend with different women. Matthew and I hardly seem to find time to just sit down and have nice chat. We're both constantly working for school.
And when we're not working for school, Matthew also practises on his guitar quite a lot. Music isn't his major, but it's his hobby, and he wants to be able to do something with it later.
When we do have a date, it's mostly on she dorm caffetaria, but the moments spend together are always nice.

  • First of all, and I know I'm late with that, merry christmas and a happy new year to you all!
  • Well finally! I've had this update sitting here for weeks, I just had to do the last finishing touches, but never got around to it, untill now.
  • Melina rolled the ROS "weekly night out with the gang: sport". I wanted to do something different than just let them go to a bar or club, so I let them go to one of Marcus' games.
  • Which brings me to Ellie and Marcus. It seems like things are going well for them. Both are rolling wants for the other, so it looks good. Poor Benny though, I'm still sad he and Ellie broke up, but she took the decision for the both of them. They can't have a normal conversation though, she keeps acting like she did in the firts picture of them in the bedroom.
  • All their grades were high enough to go to their next year. Next round I will be having 2 uni-updates, otherwise this household will be too large, 7 sims ... So it will be Melina, Ellie and Emma and Matthew, Benny, Lars and Morgan (if both Emma and Morgan get through their SAT's).


  1. Poor Benny. It's hard to keep a relationship going for so long at this age. At least he and Ellie have stopped arguing though. They might be able to be friends one day. :)

    It's nice to see Ellie and Marcus doing well though. It's nice that the girls went to one of his games...even if they didn't actually pay too much attention to it!

  2. Carla It was a load off my shoulders when they stopped arguing, they were agruing every time they met. And I really hope they can be friends one day.
    It's sad for Benny, but I'm confident he'll find some one new soon :)

    I'm glad to see that Ellie and Marcus are doing well as well.

    Thanks for reading!