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Penninkmeijer - September 2023

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The Penninkmeijer Family
Jack is 28, Johanna is 25 and Eli is 9 months
(Bram Belio is 49, Ling Belio is 48, Lawrence Penninkmeijer is 28 and Anna Zang is 24)
Narrated by Jo

 Even though Jack and I didn't plan to have children this soon, and Eli was such a surprise, we can't imagine our lifes without him anymore.
He's adorable, and we sometime catch ourself 'fighting' over who will be the one feeding him.
He really has his moments that  he can be a pain though. He sure is capable of letting us know when he doesn't like something.
And since neither of us are morningpeople, we are both looking forward to the day that he sleeps a little bith longer than 6am!
All the grandparents adore him too. I think it's a little bit more for my parents than it was for Jack's parents, seeing it's mine their first grandchild. I think they would stay here if we would let them, so they wouldn't miss one moment with their grandson.
When I got the flu, my parents actually got what they wanted. Since Jack couldn't stay home from work, and we didn't want Eli to catch it too, we asked them to watch during the day.
Mom made sure that we had something propper to eat everyday, and I have to say that mom and I never were best friends, but it's nice to have her around and be able to eat her cooking.
Both of my parents of course enjoyed the time they could spend with Eli the most.
I never thought dad would be like this, but he even checks up on Eli when he's sleeping, just to make sure he's ok.
As much as I like having mom and dad around to help out, I was glad to be better and have the place to ourselfs again.
We don't seem to be alone that often though. Even though we all have kids, Anna and Lawrence drop by quite a lot.
Lawrence and Jack seem to need that boys-night every week, so Lawrence usually comes by when I have to work that evening.
And Anna comes during the day when I'm alone with Eli. It's strange to think that her 2 oldest sons will be in school next year. She's younger than I am, and I can't imagine the day Eli would start school.
I really have no idea how Anna gets anything done! She has 3 kids, and is able to write and open a shop. I hardly ever have time for anything else when Eli gets in one of his moods.
We have been looking around to buy our own place, but everything is out of our budget. We woud like to move back to SimsVille, especially if my career keeps going well, I really want a nice place where people won't reconize me all the time.
But since we haven't got enough money at the moment, we're still in out apartment, and working really hard to get promotions, and earn some more money.
Jack even give financial advice on the internet, just to bring in some more cash. It's not much, but it's something.
We try to keep the eating out to a minimum to save as much as we can, but we occasionally need a night to ourselfs.
And we never go far, we usually go to the place around the corner. But it's always nice to be just the 2 of us.
We have been talking about having another child, but we both agreed it's too soon now. First we need to have our own place, and even then it's not sure, we both want at least one more, but we'll see what time will bring us.

  • First of all, I haven't fixed the pink flashing yet, it's been gone for a few weeks, but it returned. I'm tackeling my downloads-folders now, doing (almost) the same thing as Carla is doing, if it won't fix the pink flashing, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt my game.
    I've decided to continue working on my hood, and playing my sims in the mean time, so I can post semi-regular updates here, since I really miss blogging :) 
  • On to the update then; Jack and Jo really don't have enough money at the moment to buy a house. Neither of their parents would be able to help them out, Jo's are still renting, and always seem to lack money, they are working hard to make sure their sons can go to uni as well. And Jack's have 6 children, and already 7 grandchildren, even though they aren't poor at all, it would be impossible for them to do the same thing for all their children! So for now Jack and Jo will be staying in their aparment, which I do like a lot.
  • About them maybe adding to their family: Jo's IFS is 2 and Jack's 3, but they haven't rolled the want for another baby yet. It's possible that they roll it again in the future, but if they don't, I'm not sure if I'll take them of birth control, I kind of like the idea of Eli being an only child, on the other hand I would love to see some more children from these 2 :)


  1. It's pretty realistic for a couple like Jack and Jo, who are young and have found themselves parents unexpectedly, to still be struggling with money a bit. I always think it's nice to have a variety in terms of financial status, seeing it's so easy for sims to get rich!

    I hope Jack and Jo have another child one day though. I'm sure their grandparents would be on my side with that one, lol!

    Good luck with the pink flashing! That's sort of the same attitude I have with it - if adding my downloads back slowly doesn't help, it definitely won't hurt. I was so unorganised before anyway. But personally, I'm hoping it does help, for both of us. :)

  2. Their apartment looks really good!
    I agree with what Carla says about the more realistic financial situation. The Sims in my neighbourhood have way too much money on their hands; it was different in the beginning, when some of the families (like the Ottomas) really were struggling to make ends meet.

  3. Oh, I bet Eli will be adorable when he gets older. Maybe they'll wait a few years to get a little more stable and then have another one? They remind me of a few families I know where the first child was unexpected so the parents were much more careful for awhile before allowing themselves to have a second, usually after child 1 had already started school.

    Also, fingers crossed that reorganizing helps with the flashing.

  4. I can see why you would like Eli to be an only child, I can see these two stopping with one, but I do think in a few years, when they have their finances in better order, a new sibling would be nice. They could do the baby thing over when they are prepared for it all, might find they enjoy it a bit more.

  5. Carla I agree that it makes it more realistic when young couples are kind of strugling with money, but I do hope they can move soon though, that is if I kind find them a nice house :)

    I'm still not sure about them having another kid. I do want them to, but I do see them as parents of just one child :)
    I'm sure their parents would want some more grandkids, especially Jo's. Jack's have 6 children, so they will be getting some more grandkids, I'm sure of that!

    I kind of started with the redownloading, but it's a slow process! I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will work for the both of us :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Librarian I like their apartment a lot too, even though I would be happy to move them out :)
    Even though I haven't done it for a few rounds, I've added taxes to make sure my sims don't get too rich too soon!

    Thanks for reading!

    Caitria Morrigan I've already aged Eli up in my game, and I can say he's cutie :)
    I think I might take Jack and Jo off birth control in a few year, when they are financially a little bit more stable, and put their faith in their own hands :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie They do seem like the parents to have only one child, don't they? We'll see what will happen in a few years, when I decide to take them off birth control :)

    Thanks for reading!