Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Zang - June 2024

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The Zang Family
Tao is 70, Yena is 66, Xun is 41, Tosca is 37, Ross is 10, Mona and Nora are 8, Tessa is 4 and Marcus is 3
(Xiang Zang is 41)
Narrated by Tosca

Both Xun and I always knew how lucky we where living with his parents, and having them around to help. But it became even more clear when they moved out last month to help out Xiang.
They both adore the kids, and they are an amazing help around the house. 
But it's not just that. They are very nice company and the kids love them.
So when Tao and Yena moved out, it took us all some time to adjust to the new living situation. But after some days it even felt nice to have dinner all together, just the 7of us.
Xiang and Tika's break up came as a huge surprise. Tika and I have been friends since we were teens, but she never told me anything was wrong. Maybe because she knew I would say something to Xun. We've talked on the phone since Xiang announce the news, but we haven't been able to meet up like Xun and Xiang have.
But Xun and Xiang are twin brothers after all. They try to meet at least once a week. Mostly when the shop is closed for lunch , and when Xiang is working in SimsVille.
When Tao moved out, he handed most of the shop over to Xun, but asked if he could continue to work there. Xun agreed and is loving running the store more and more everyday. 
The major downside to it is that he has to do a lot of crafting at home. I know he likes it, and he's really looking forward to one day doing this with one of his sons.
Sometimes it hurts me to realise that my youngest, is almost starting pre-school. I still can't believe he's here, let alone believe he will soon start school.

Another thing I can't believe is that Ross will be going to high school in only 2 years. I can watch him play with Marcus for hours, but I also keep wondering when the day will be here that he hates spending time with his younger siblings.
Sometimes I wish kids wouldn't grow up so fast, but than I see Mona and Nora playing on the jungle gym, and I'm glad kids will always be kids.
Tessa is getting more and more independent every day. She's loving school, and I have a feeling she's kind of sad the schoolyear is almost over.
That was untill I took them to the pool last weekend. She had so much fun on the slide, she came and asked me if we could do this more often when it was summerholiday.
I have to say that, despite the many kids running around at the pool, I had a really nice day, and I wouldn't mind taking the kids down there more often.
I did surprise me though, that Ross wanted to talk to me about high school. It seems he's a little bit nervous even though it's not for another couple of years.
 I'm pretty sure he'll do fine when the time is there, but he needed some reassurance it seems.

  • I have do admit this update isn't one of the good ones, but there really wasn't much going on with this family this time around. I'm sure next round, when Ross will be a teen, there will be much more going on, at least I hope so.
  • Yena and Tao moved out when Xiang and Tika broke up. I really didn't feel like playing a 1-sim household, so I let them move in with Xiang.
    Before moving out, I let Tao hand over the business to Xun, and Xun hired Tao to be the manager.
    We'll see more of Tao and Yena when I play them and Xiang later this round.
  • It's weird realising that Ross will be a teen next round, and it's even weirder when you know his cousin, Lewis, will be a teen later this round, I'm very much looking forward to it though.


  1. I laughed at "just the seven of us"! Not many families would find dinner for seven to be small and intimate! I love how big this family is and Tosca and Xun seem to handle it all really well too.

    I love your pool lot so much! I need to get a pool into Sullivan soon.

  2. There does not always have to be a lot "going on", as you say, for an update to be a good read. Just normal Sim-family life is nice to look at! I love those big households and am looking forward to playing the Beakers next (I have just started round 5 in my megahood), who are a large family in my game.

  3. Carla I'm pretty sure there aren't much families out there who would look forward to a dinner for 7, but for Tosca it's familytime and she loves it!

    I like the poollot a lot as well, I just hate it that every time I take some one there it starts raining! :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Librarian Normal sim-family life is nice, but it's not always easy to write about!

    I love big families as well, but I'm always looking forward to playing a nice small family after playing this big ones :)

    Thanks for reading!

  4. They have such a large family, I can imagine that it was an adjustment to have Yena and Tao moved out. I could see them enjoying more time with the kids though. They are all getting so big! I remember when they were all little, looking forward to the age ups, and seeing how Ross does as a teen! They have a very nice family, and it's nice seeing them just doing their thing, the pool was fun too.

  5. Maisie It was an adjustment not having Toa and Yena around, but it was nice as well, to play just the family.
    I'm sure Tao and Yena will miss living with their grandchildren, but their son needs them now.
    Ross will be a teen soon, I'm really looking forward to that, but also to the twins becoming teens, some exciting times ahead for this family.

    Thanks for reading!