Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burie - Mertens - Stevens - March 2024

Belinda and Melissa's last update/Mario's last update/Next update

The Burie - Mertens - Stevens Family
Mario is 25, Melissa and Belinda are 23
(Ludo Merstens is 59 Mia Mertens is 55, Dominic Vega is 26, Jason Savage is 25, Margot Savage is 23 and Lars Mertens is 19)
Narrated by Melissa

Belinda has quit her band, and is now trying to make it on her own. This makes that she's even more out at night, and has to practice during the day.
It's pretty easy to live with her this way. We're not kept out of our sleep by her practise, and she doesn't have to worry about bothering us.
I like the mornings with Mario, we've gotten into a nice routine, making sure not to wake up Belinda.
I do miss seeing her around sometimes though. I love my boyfriend, but I like living with my roommate and seeing her once in a while would be nice.
Belinda and Dominic are pretty serious. When she's not practising het music, and Dominic can get away from work for lunch, they usually arrange a lunchdate.
They are limited in time, since Dominic has to go back to work, so most of the time it's nothing fancy. It's just a way for them to spend time together.
On those rare nigts she doesn't have to work, they go out as well. Most of the time it's just to the bar around the corner.
But I have the impression that they sometimes wished they'd stayed home. They ussually end up talking and cuddling.
Both Mario and I have talked to Belinda about asking Dominic to move in, and I know she had been thinking about it.
She says she wants to but that she's not 100% sure about it. They are pretty serious and they have been officially together since last year after dating for about a year before that, and he's here most of his free time anyway, so I'd say they are ready but it's up to her to decide.
I miss having my sister around; it's the first time since we were born we're not living under the same roof, and it feels strange. She doesn't even live close anymore. We do try to meet up at least every week but it's hard.
We always try to do something together with Belinda, but we always have so much to talk about. Last time we went to the movies, I think there were some others who weren't too happy about us there, since we talked through the entire movie.
The karaokebar we went afterwards was much better. We were able to talk without disturbing somebody.
The bar was Belinda's idea, but I think it's a bit unfair to go to a karaokebar with a profesional musician! I'm pretty sure she had a great time though.
Both Margot and I like it as well, but we were a little bit unsure about ourselfs so we decided to do a duet.
Belinda came cheering for us, but I don't know it was because we were actually good, or because she's our friend, and doesn't want to embarasse us.
When we were at the movies and karaokebar, the boys decided to have their own night in. They got burgers...
...And played videogames all night. We found them still in front of the tv when the 3 of us got home.
Mom tries to get Lars, Margot and me home at least once a week. Just to have us all home, and cook us a nice home made meal. I think she doesn't believe we actually cook our meals, but it's always nice to be home again.
it's strange to see my little brother 'all grown up', even though he hardly acts like it. But he's in college now, and has some responsibilities now, and that's strange to realise.
It was on one of these days that Margot asked me to go to the garden with her because she had something to tell me.
She said she wanted me to be the first to know that I would become an aunt at the end of the year. I know they wanted children soon, but I never expected it to be this soon. She said she didn't expect this either, but it seems like they were succesfull about the first time they tried.
I'm really looking forward to becoming an aunt, and I can't wait untill it's the end of the year! Since it's only just the beginning of the pregnancy, I'm not allowed to tell anybody just yet, but I'm honnored that she already told me!
I'm so happy for my sister and Jason, but later at the dinner table, I found it rather dificult not the tell.
I like seeing mom and dad together, and how happy they still are after all these year. It also makes me wonder if I will have that too some day. I do have to say that my parent are an inspiration for me on this.
Later that night, when we were getting ready for bed, I asked Jason if he saw us growin old together. He smilled and said 'off course'.  I know it's not a proposal, but I'm still thrilled with the answer.

Since I live the karaoke-interaction so much:
Like a true mucisian Belinda really enjoyed it!
Both Margot and Melissa enjoyed it as well, and Belinda did came to cheer for them.

  • I like this household of roommates, but I think it's the last time I'll play them this way. I think for next round that Mario and Melissa will find their own place, as will Belinda and Dominic. I've already moved Dominic in, but I think it's time for both couples to live on their own.
  • I really like their house as well, but they are only renting it at the moment, so I don't think anyone of them will still live there next round.
  • Neither Mario nor Melissa rolled the want to get engaged just yet, they have been together since 2019 though, right after he broke up with Magda, I keep hoping they roll the want, because I really want them to get married!
  • Margot and Jason really were succesful the first time they tried for baby! I took them both off birth control right after their wedding, since they both rolled the want for a baby, but didn't play them untill now, when I had to dress them for this update, and I couldn't stop them from trying.
    Margot is due for December 2024.


  1. Seeing the couples as roommates might be interesting, but I see what you mean about them moving out soon

  2. I so like to look at the pictures of your houses, both inside and out, they are always so nicely done!

  3. Apple Valley I'm still thinking about what I will do with them next round, because playing the couples as roommates might be interesting, like you said. At the moment they still live together, and I still have time to think about it :)

    Thanks for reading.

    Librarian Thank you, that's a nice compliment. This house I didn't build myself, but the decorating is all mine. I like decorating my sims' houses, and I'm glad my decorating is liked by others as well.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. Ha, I was thinking the same thing as Melissa when they went to the karaoke bar. I think Belinda has an unfair advantage there. ;)

    Margot's having a baby! That's so exciting - I guess no one was expecting it to happen so soon. I certainly wasn't. It'll be fun to see how she copes with motherhood.

    I love this group together but it's nice to move on and let them have new adventures separately as well. :)

  5. Carla Yes going to a karaoke bar with a professional mucisian isn't fair, but Belinda is a good friend, and she wouldn't rub it in :)

    I think every one was expecting them to have a baby one day, but like you said not this soon :)

    I'm still thinking what I'll do next round, since I like this group so much, but I think I will split them up...

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Exciting that Margot is having a baby, I keep expecting Melissa to get married. I think it would be fun if you did an update with both couples living together, it does happen, especially since none are getting married and they all get a long.

    The karaoke is a fun interaction, and Belinda really lived it up!

  7. Maisie I was pretty happy with Margot's news as well, and I'm really looking forward to thise baby, but I'm always looking forward to babies :)

    I do agree it could be fun keeping them together another round, but I doubt it will happen...

    I don't use the karaoke machine enough, but I love the interactions!

    Thanks for reading!