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Mokara 1 - Spring 2011

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The Mokara Family
Hans is 38, Yin is 35 and Melina is 6
Yin: After a long and hard search we found a house to live in. It's rental too, we can't afford anything else right now and it's a nice house.
Hans and I like to lay down on the lawn and cuddle. He loves to put his hand on my belly and feel the baby kick.
When he goes to work, I try to get to know the neighbors a little bit beter. They are really nice people. But I get tired too fast, so I have to go to bed to take a nap really soon.
One of the down-sides with renting is not being able to hire a repairman. If something breaked we have to contact the landlord, ours seems to know what he's doing, but I've heard some horror-stories and I fear that so much!
Between Hans and I, the love stil looks like the love of teenagers, he can hardly keep his hands of me, and I can't keep my hands of him either.
That love has already given us Melina, and now we also welcomed David in our little family! He totally looks like the oposite of Melina, and this only because of his skintone.
I hope David and Melina will get along well soon, she seems so loneley sometimes. She never brings home friends from school, and it breaks my heart, because she's such a sweet child. She plays chess with her dad, and she loves it, but a child her own age to play with would be nice.
After David was born, Hans and I said we wanted another child, rather sooner than later. So we tried for another one. I never thought I would get pregnant that soon, but it seems like I am!

Note: Since Hans has the option to have a higher chance of twins, I always thought they would have twins, so I was surprised when Yin gave birth to only one child! I've always wanted this family to have 3 children, I let the try for another baby really soon, so David and the new baby will be close in age, and Yin immidiatly got pregnant. I wonder now if they will have twins or not...

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  1. "One of the down-sides with renting is not being able to hire a repairman."

    I think that's a plus! The landlord is available 24 hours! But I've only had good luck with landlord repairs. I might feel differently if I hadn't.