Sunday, May 24, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Round 2

The Zanobi Family - Hammie Appartments - Day 1-6
Stephan Zanobi - Adult - 45 years old - Family - Captain Hero
Virginie Zanobi - 42 years old - Fortune - Earn §100.000
Lucas Zanobi - 15 years old - Pleasure - Game Designer
Dimitri Zanobi - 12 years old - Forune - Earn §100.000

Dimitri: Since mom and dad had to fire both their employes, they asked Lucas and I to come and help in the weekend. I think Lucas really liked it, because he told me he wants to take over the business one day! I, on the other hand, also want a business one day, but I want a petstore.
But I want so many things, and we still need to see wich things will eventually happen. Lucas has a girlfriend, her name is Sophie, she comes over all the time, she's nice I think.
Sometimes I still feel like a little kid, and then I go and play in the playground in front of the appartment. Afterwards I feel ashamed, but I had a great time!
Lucas turned 18. He didn't go to college, so we celebrated his birthday at home. Since Sophie is the same age, she turned 18 as well. Lucas immidiatly asked her to move in. And since this is an appartement with only 2 very small bedrooms, I have to share a room with the lovebirds! I'm almost 18 as well, so normally I will be moving out soon I think, but mom and dad promissed me they will be looking for a bigger place.
Sophie didn't go looking for a job, but desided to help out in the restaurant too. So she and Lucas are going to the restaurant with mom and dad every day, and Sophie will be studying cooking too, because she wants to run the kitchen one day.
Finally mom and dad found a new place! Dad started looking harder the moment we got robbed, but that's ok, they found something! It's a nice spacious house with 3 bedrooms, so I don't have to share anymore!


  1. Looks like a nice house. Lots of room if Sophie and Lucas ever decide to have kids.

  2. They definitely looked like they had outgrown the apartment!