Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Roque 1 - Round 1

The Roque Family - Hammie Apartments - Day 1-5
Gunnar Roque - Adult - 24 years old - Romance - Hall of Famer
Frieda Dekkers - Adult - 22 years old - Popularity - General

Frieda: After graduation, Gunnar and I went looking for an apartment to rent. We didn't want to work immidiatly, but just start our music café business. Since the café is only open at night, our days were filled with just doing nothing!
In the middle of the day, we took a nap, and wake up just in time to go to the café, to open it.
Although the café brings in some money, enough for us to live from, I thought it was time for us to get a job. I don't want to live here forever, and the café doesn't bring in enought money to buy us a new house.
But like I said, the café is doing good. We renamed it to "Gunnar's karaoke café". Gunnar is out every night, to get customers in, and I'm behind the bar, serving them drinks.
In our jobs we are doing fine too, we both have gotten promotions allready. And with the money I tried making the apartment a little more cosy. But it's so small, so I can't put anything down without it being in the way!
Halfway through the week, we found a mystirious lamp outside of our apartmentdoor. When Gunnar rubbed it, a strange ghost appeared, he granted Gunnar 3 wishes. Gunnar wished for wealth, and all of a sudden bags with money came falling from the sky! We've gotten a nice amount, and Gunnar got rid of the lamp.
Since Gunnar and I are at different levels in our jobs, I have to go to work when Gunnar stay at home, at the end of one of those days, Gunnar surprised me with tickets to Three Lakes, we are going for 3 days and we will be staying on a camping!
I know Gunnar isn't a family-sim and neither am I, but we both thought it was time to start a family; both our jobs are going fine and the café is doing well too, we are allready at level 4, and with the money from the ghost, we almost have enough money to buy our own house! I just wished I would get Gunnar to marry me and give a huge party!


  1. Yeah, Gunnar - make an honest woman out of Frieda already! ;)

  2. I have my plans with him, you will soon see in another post!