Monday, November 16, 2009

Mishoen 1 - Spring 2010

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The Mishoen Family
Goofy is 45, Fen is 48 and Tina is 9
Goofy: I love how my life is going. I never thought I would be at this point in my life. Before I met Fen, there was no future for me. But now I have a wife, I still can't believe she's my wife, and a daughter, something I can't believe either!
Occationally there are some incidents, like the fire I started some days a go, but wich household doesn't have them? We didn't have a fire-alarm, so the fire kind of got out of hand, and we almost had to buy a completly new kitchen.
but those incidents are forgotten rather fast. I'm 3 days in the week at home, and those days, Fen stayes home too. Those days are so relaxing, you just have to forget those incidents. Fen and I spend those days together. I still can't believe how much we both have changed! We hardly ever go out!
But then of course there is Tina. She's still a child, and needs a lot of attention. Nio used to give her that, but since he moved out if all came down on us.
I don't mind though. The night before she had her 11th birthday, I sat in her room for an hour, just watch her sleep, nothing more, just looking at my little girl and realizing soon our days of peace and quiet would soon be over.
Fen got me into fitness. She has me running whenever she can, and I just do what she asks, like I said before, I can't believe how much I have changed, I think I need to get out much much more!
In the mean time, Fen is working on her social contacts. She's on the phone a lot, talking to who ever she can get on the phone.
And then we had Tina's 11th birthday. She choose romance as her aspiration in life, just like her mother and me. Just likes she looks like her mother, and has some good parts of me too.
Now we have another teenager in the house. Now she's all grown up, I can't watch her sleep anymore, she goes to beter later than I do, and spends all her time on the internet, doing who knows what.
Now that Tina is all grown up, I started thinking about life, again. I'm glad Fen and I only had 1 child. Now we can put all our time, energy and money into her, and she will have everything she ever wants, and she will never have to share it with a sibling. I know there is Nio, but he doesn't have any intrest in what Fen does.


  1. I wish we could see Tina front-on! I'm dying of curiosity to see what she looks like as a teen!

  2. I want to see how Tina looks as a teen too! Sounds like they will provide everything Tina needs to have a good start to her life, lucky girl!

  3. I know it's not a great picture, but you can see her at her profile (
    I actually forgot to take some more of her.