Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gradonni 1 - Winter 2010

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The Gradonni Family

Kürt is 50 and Debby is 42
Debby: The house is looking much beter then it used to be. We were able to add some things inside and outside to make it look much more cosy.
Abby and Annie left for university. I was happy for them, but I much rather have my family around me and not spread all over SimNation! I love the time I have with my husband, but I've always wanted more children than just 2. It would have given me something to do. But one day, after another 'no' from Kürt, I just stopped asking, and realised that maybe it was for the beter, we didn't have much money those days, and needed to invest in the business. And now, well now I just think I'm a little bit too old to start all over again.
But I leaves all alone in an empty house. Well not all the time, Kürt is here sometimes too, but when he goes to the shop, I'm alone. I gues I could go with him, but I don't feel like I would enjoy that, and there wouldn't be anything for me to do, Kürt has got it all under control.
By the way, who would look after the greenhouse, when I go with Kürt? It needs all of our attetion. I'm rather happy that it's winter, but on the other hand, it's not a good thing. When it's not winter I will be able to fish, but combining that with the greenhouse would be impossible. On the other hand we need fish for the fresh plates we sell, and we need them rather urgent because the stock is almost empy!
I discussed it with Kürt and he agreed with me, but, just like me, he doesn't know what we can do about it. When the girls get home, they can help, but they will also want to have their careers, after all they studied to hard for it.
For now we can manage, we made good money with the shop, and it doesn't need to be open every day. So the days Kürt doesn't go to the shop I have time for other things, like taking care of the house and the garden, and when the pond isn't frozen anymore, I can go fishing too, and preparing dishes.
I even find the time to take a nice, long, relaxing bubble bath! I think it's important to look after yourself, Kürt isn't to happy with that, but at least I don't go to the hair dresser every other day!
And then of course we have the cats, Aaltje and Bonsai. We've gotten them for me, to have some company when the girls are at university, and Kürt is busy in the greenhouse or in the shop, and they give me pleasure. I play with them a lot, when I have some free time, I spend it with them.
Lately I have been thinkink about breeding with them. The more I thought of it the more I liked the idea. So I had them breeding, and I think it was a succes. I think, and Kürt agreed with me, that Aaltje is expecting! I can't wait for the kittens to be born!
The girls are doing great in school, the shop is going briliantly, I'm finally happy with having only 2 children, and I have the little kittens to look forward to, but of course not everything can go great in a simslife. We got a visit from a burglar, he took a painting, and chair, before the cops finally arrived! That stupid woman just let the burglar run, she wasn't able to catch him! After the incident we immidiatly bought a burglar alarm, but that doesn't help us now of course!


  1. Bummer on the burglar. Poor Debby, sounds like she has a bad case of empty-nest syndrome. I hope the kittens help cure her of it.

    Looks like they need a hand at the greenhouse.

  2. Empty-nesters can be boring (for me anyway) but you seem like you're having a lot of fun playing these two! I bet Debby can't wait to have her daughters home again though!