Sunday, May 31, 2009

Roque 1 - Round 2

The Roque Family - Hammie Apartments - Day 5-10
Gunnar Roque - Adult - 29 years old - Romance - Hall of Famer
Frieda Dekkers - Adult - 27 years old - Popularity - General

Gunnar: I surprised Frieda with a trip to Three Lakes. Actually she found out, but I planned to surprise her... She thinks it's to spend more time together, and I just let her think that. It's actually because I made this girl pregnant, and she calls the apartment everyday, and I just need to get away to think about it all.
The camping place was great, we had everything we wanted. We could afford a nice hotel, but camping seemed like much more fun! We went for 3 days, and we did an excusrion every day.
We also went to a spa, where I spend most of the time in the sauna, and the hot water springs.
Frieda of course joined me, but she loved the massages more. She looked so relaxed afther it!
At the spa I asked Frieda to marry me. Not that I want to get married, but Frieda really wanted it. I also made a decsion about the other girl; I will stop seeing her, and I won't have anything to do with the kid, after all it's her own fault. But I will pay some child support, but I will never tell Frieda!
We got married right away too. So meet Mrs Roque. She looks so happy!
Soon it was time to go back home, 3 days go by so fas when you're having fun! And we had fun, back home we could see the result of our fun! Frieda is pregnant, not what I planned, but I gues I can not run away from all my children, after all I married Frieda ....
Since we only have a one-bedroom apartment, it was time for u to move to a bigger place. Frieda will miss it here, I know, but for me it was just a pitstop before being able to buy something!


  1. Somehow I think getting another woman pregnant will eventually come to light. Gunnar won't be able to keep it a secret forever!

  2. I have the same feeling, Sullivan. Oooh... do you think that the other woman will confront his wife at any point? Either that, or she should ask for a LOT of money to keep quiet.

  3. This looks to get quite messy eventually