Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rai 1 - Round 2

The Rai Family - Hammie Appartments - day 6 - 10

Berend Lillig - Adult - 30 years old - Romance - Celebrity Chef
Ella Rai - Adult - 27 years old - Popularity - General

Berend: Tax-time, I really hate it, I don't know why, because we really don't have to pay that much because we rent a small appartment, but it's money we can spend on something else.
Like Ella's art. She's really good at the pottery wheel, but we need money to finance it all. Since she wants to create some stock for the shop before opening it full time, I'm the only one bringing in the money.
But when she opens the shop, it goes really well! Sims really like the hand-made pots Ella makes. Since I love painting I offerd Ella to do some paintings. Our neighbors really loved them, some of them even asked Ella to do some portraits. So now I have my full-time job and when I come home I start painting the portraits.
Before I go to work, and Ella starts crafting, we try to at least have breakfast together. We both aren't family-sims, but we both think relationships are impotant, including our own relationship. I never thought I would say this, but I'm quit happy with my life as it is right now. I don't have any girlfriends at the moment, but for now I don't need one. The only thing now I would want, is a bigger place.
I don't want children that much, but Ella wants one. I love the thing you have to do for making the children, so when Ella asked for a baby, I couldn't refuse. As long as she doesn't want marriage, I think she can ask for anyting, and I will say yes!


  1. Heh, I love it! Ella wants a baby and Berend's just in it for the woohoo!

  2. Do you think Berend will be as happy to change diapers?