Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zang 2 - Winter 2011

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The Zang Family
Wang is 50, Chao is 47 and Bai is 18
Bai: When I saw our new place for the first time, I though mom and were kidding! They coudn't be serious about this, it looks so ..... cheap, and I deserve some much more!
One possitive thing though, there are new girls I can meet. Well 'new' isn't the right word, I don't know that many girls yet, but I'm working on that! In the cheap apartmentbuilding are some girls, and since I don't work, I have plenty of time to look for more!
When I'm not looking for hot chicks, I don't do much actually. I start my day sleeping, I sleep untill noon. When I get up I visit the neighbors, I watch TV untill very late, and then I sleep again. I don't like thins place at all! A good place might inspire me to find a job, but this building not. Ok, that's just an excuse, but mom just lets me be!
I don't know if mom's happy here either. It was her decision to move to Upper SimsVille, and I think she's doubting it right now. But staying in the trailer parc wasn't an option, we had to move, all those crapy neighbors!
Since the move, dad has found something new to keep him busy, he's writing his biography. I have no idea what he can tell the world about himself, but it keeps him busy. Ah well, with dad it's something new every week. I wonder how long he keeps writing.


  1. Chao is a really cute Sim. I don't know if you've made her over or if I've never got a good luck at her before but I like her.

  2. Funny on the biography writing. Hopefully the new apartment works out well for them. I personally like it cause it's so urban, but I can see how Bai might prefer something a bit more classy.