Monday, November 9, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Fall 2009

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The Zanobi Family
Lucas and Sophie are 35 and Emma is 4
Lucas: Life is getting by, and to my idea a little bit too fast. I need to enjoy life a lot more, I want to enjoy it a lot more!
With Emma finally going to school, the time would have been great to re-open the restaurant, but with Sophie being pregnant, I had to wait some more.
I can't complain about Sophie, I think she has more to complain about than I do, she keeps helping in the house even though she's pregnant. I have to admit, I have been thinking about opening the restaurant when she's pregnant, but she gets tired too soon.
So instead I kept working on my cooking skill. I still need to reach level 10 to keep up with the quality dad used to serve.
Since Emma started school, she brings home friends. It's nice to have some noise in the house again. I have been missing that since Emma started school and Dimitri and his family moved out.
To help her do beter in school, I help her do her homework. She has to take this chance for as long as it last, because when we open the restaurant again, we won't be home soon enough to help.
Then we welcomed Julian in our family. As much as Emma looks like me, my nose, my eyes, that much Julian looks like Sophie, those bright green eyes, and bronw hair. I just love those eyes!
After Julian was born, we re-opened the restaurant. Sophie was a little bit mad that she had to leave Julian with a nanny so soon after he was born, but she agreed the restaurant had been closed too long. So while I take care of the food, Sophie takes care of the customers. We really need someone to serve, but we can't afford it for the moment.
When we came home the nanny told us Julian had been good, and that he's such an easy baby. She also told us Emma made her homework, and after that played some chess. When you hear her talk you should think we have amazing kids.
It almost makes you think about having another one, almost! But our family is complete now, at least I think so. It's sad that mom and dad never saw their growing families, I just know they would have enjoyed them a lot!

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  1. Sophie looks awesome as host, especially so soon after giving birth!