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Roque 1 - Winter 2010

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The Roque Family
Gunnar is 49, Frieda is 47, Françoise is 15 and Eleanora is 5
Frieda: So winter is finally here. I have been looking forward to the snow, and some fun in the snow.
But no such luck. Gunnar is still working, although he's not going for promtions anymore, so he's not home that much. Françoise is going to school unitll 1 pm, but then she's 'too busy' to be with her mother. Eleanora is going to school too, but she goes untill 3 pm, and when she gets home she's so tired and in need of fun, I just let her be.
So no snow-fun for me. Instead I stay most of my of the days inside. I work on my book a lot, and it payed of. Part 1 of the advertures of Franelle is finally finished! It's not a bestseller, but it's selling good. I got my inspiration from my kids, and the stories I used to make up for them. I'm glad others like them too.
Lately Françoise is constantly busy with herself. She's on the phone a lot, and I know you need friends in life, and that friends and boyfriends are important but you don't have to exaggerate it, and Françoise is exactly doing that!
When she's not ong the phone, she's checking herself out in front of the mirror. It's almost ridiculous to watch! One day she will inherrit the café, but she's hasn't once shown any intrest! I really hope she does soon, but I doubt it!
Eleanora on the other hand sometimes ask about the café. I know she's only 8, and maybe it's just to get in touch with her father, but it's much more than Fran does!
On days when we open the café, I make sure all the housework is done before Gunnar gets home. We have some help in the house, but I still like to do as much as I can myself.
Then, later that day, when both Fran and Ellie are home, Gunnar and I leave. Leaving the house in charge of Fran. Gunnar thinks she's old enough to stay at home alone for a couple of hours, I have serious doubt about that, but untill now everything went fine.
When we come home, the house is silent and both kids are in be. I don't like it that I wasn't able to spend some time with them that day, but it's partly for them too.
It doesn't mather what time we come home, before going to bed, Gunnar and I always talk about the day, the sims we met, .... it's a nice way to a end a nice day.

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