Thursday, May 21, 2009

Draper 1 - Round 1

The Draper Family - Trailer Parc - Day 1 - 5
Jonas Draper - Elder - 66 years old - Pleasure - 50 First dates
Eve Draper - Elder - 64 years old - Romance - 20 lovers
Jason Draper - Child - 8 years old - Grow up
Mia Draper - Child - 5 years old - Grow up

Eve: Jonas and I were never fit to be parents, I mean a romance and a pleasure sim together.... But we raised our Marie rather well. But then she disappeard, and when she came back, she had 2 children with her and then she died, she was very ill. So now we are back at raising kids.They are sweet kids, and of course I love them, after all they are my grandchildren, but having kids in the house is a huge adaption. Before Jonas and I were each living our seperate lives, dating and going out whenever we wanted, but that's not possible anymore.
Our days now are filled, with working and spending time with the kids, helping them with their homework, playing with them, ... It's diferent and not really what I expected from my old days, but it's not bad.
The time I can get to spend with Jonas is nice too, before we were living next to each other, now we talk to one another again.
We thought moving away from the city would eliminate scenes like this. But our neighbors don't seem to get along that well, and they are fighting all the time. I hope they don't affect the children.
Jason is now a teen, and he's rather goodlooking, I don't know who his dad is, but I can tell he looks like his mother! He choose the romance aspiration, just like me, and immidiatly started networking, and chatting online.
Although I'm not a family sim, I think it's important that Jason and Mia spend time together, and with us, to share memories about their mother. I'm happy to see they do spend time together. I just wished they didn't have to share a room, but maybe we can move to a bigger house one day.

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