Monday, November 30, 2009

Zang 1 - Fall 2010

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The Zang Family
Tao is 56, Yena is 52, Xun is 27, Tosca is 23 and Yuan is 20
Tosca: Moving in with your boyfriend and his parents, and his brothers, ... if I could do it all over, I don't think I will do it again!
Don't get me wrong, they are nice, and sweet, and everything you could wish for in in-laws, but a place of my own sounds so nice! Being able to decorate it as I wish, having privacy without someone asking you what you're doing, it's something I can only dream of!
Since I couldn't find a job on the internet, and I didn't plan on staying home much longer, Xun's mom got prometed, and has to go to work even less then before, I went to the Town Square City Hall, it used to be a chapel but they rebuild it, anyway, I went there, and found myself a job in show business.
That night Xun took me out to diner, to celebrate my new job he said. Before I knew it, there was a little black box on the table! I couldn't believe my eyes; Xun wanting to marry me?! Of course I said yes! Xun really is my everything, he's my reason for staying in that house, he simply is my life!
Back home, I started looking at Xun's parents in a different way. They represent everything I want to be; a loving couple, both succesfull in what they are doing, 3 children, all raised well and finding their way in life.
The night after Xun proposed I asked, my best friend, Tika to go to a club with me. She recently got engaged too, to Xun's brother, Xiang, and we both saw it as something to celebrate. We went to the Last Simoleon, we didn't do much, we just sat at a table, drinking champagne and talking to each other, it was so long since we did that.
I had an amazing time with Tika, and we definately should do it another time, maybe with they boys. When I came back home, I was so tired, I was so happy I could climb into bed, next to Xun.

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  1. An engagement, sweet. I like your wall for jobs, that's a great idea!