Saturday, December 5, 2009

Min 1 - Winter 2011

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The Min Family
Quan is 40, Chu is 39, Anna is 11 and Benny is 5
Chu: I was glad when Benny turned 4, this meant we were done with daipers. I'm also glad that Quan doesn't have the urge for lots of children like his sisters and their husbands, I'm happy with my 2!
We can't afford any more anyway. We can't even afford a housekeeper or a gardner and we both aren't the cleanest people. I can barely bring myself to clean something in the house and the only thing Quan wants to do is trim the bushes once in a while!
Anna isn't much help either! When she gets home from school she plays videogames or is on the phone all the time. Benny is only 5 so we can't expect him to keep the house clean, we are already happy when he finishes his homework, and he does that amazingly, wich is more than we can say from Anna.
To make things even worse, we were visited by a burlar, since we don't have a lot of money we didn't have a burglaralarm. But wether we can afford it or not we're getting one now! That stupid policeman wasn't able to cathc the guy! Firts it took him like forever to get to our house, and than the burglar was gone, of course! We were able to replace most of the things.
The same night the burlgar came, it had been snowing really hard. When Anna and Benny woke up, most of the snow was already gone, but Anna talked to Benny about getting the day off from school because of the snow. The boy was totally obsessed with it, and was so disappointed when the schoolbus arrived to pick them up. Anna wasn't glad either.
To get some more money, Quan started digging for treasures in the garden. Our garden is full of holes at the moment. He finds some stuff, but not really expensive stuff where others would give a lot of money for.
Dispite his lack of enthousiasm for school that day, Benny came home with an A+! I know you shouldn't compare your kids, but I can still wish Anna would more her best, she only has a C+, and I know she can do a lot beter!
Benny came to greet me when I got home from work that day, to tell me about his good grades. He was so happy about it, and he kept talking about it al night long!
Anna wasn't too happy with her parents that night. Since it was a fridaynight she wanted to go out, but since she's only 12, Quan and I desided she could only go out on saturdays. So while Benny couldn't stop talking, we've gotten the silent-treatment from Anna. It's such a joy; children!

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