Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zanobi 1 - Round 1

The Zanobi Family - Hammie Apartments - Day 1-5
Stephan Zanobi - Adult - 40 years old - Family - Captain Hero
Virginie Zanobi - Adult - 37 years old - Fortune - Earn §100.000
Lucas Zanobi - Child - 10 years old
Dimitir Zanobi - Child - 7 years old

Virginie: Stephan always wanted to move away from the big city, to open his restaurant somewhere. And since I had nothing left in the city ever since I got fired, I thought we could give it a go. So we moved to SimsVille.
We only had enough money to buy a restaurant or a house. So we had to choose. Since we could also rent an apartment, we desided to buy the restaurent, and named it "Zanobi's". We went to check it out the first day, but didn't open it yet.
Back at home, it was time for our oldest 11th birthday. I can't believe he's 11 allready! Stephan realy wants another child, preferably a girl. But I just think, that 2 boys, one already a teen and the other almost a teen, is more than enough. By the way, there is no guarantee that the next one will be a girl anyway.
From then on, everything went its way. The boys went to school everyday, and when they were away Stephan and I got up, had some breakfast and were off to the restaurant untill late.
In the restaurant, I'm responsible for greeting the costumers and guiding them to their table. Stehpan is the chef. We hired someone to help with the service. She's a nice girl and does her job really well, but by the end of the week we had to let her go. Unfortunatly the restaurant doesn't brung in as much as we hoped for.
Late at night we see the boys, an are able to talk to them a little bit. They tell us about their day. I was a little bit shocked when Lucas told us he went to the parc, all by himself, and that he met a girl and some other teens. It's not that the parc is far away, it's just across the street, and meeting other teens I don't mind at all, but it's the girl I wasn't too sure about, I just think he's too young!
A lot of time to think about that, I didn't get, because it was soon time to celebrate Dimitri's 11th birthday. Since we had to let our employee go, the boys will help with the service in the restaurant.
Although we the restaurant doesn't make as much money as we wanted, we were able to save a little bit, and we are going to let our portrait painted. Our neighbor is a painter, and has her own shop, and she's willing to do this for a small price.
On Friday the restaurant is closed. So we were able to stay at home and relax a little bit. Unfortunatle for Lucas this also meant we were ate home when his teacher called to say that Lucas hasn't done his homework in days! So when he got home Stephan immidiatly sent him to do his homework.
On Saturday the boys will go to the restaurant with us to help, so we'll see how that will turn out.


  1. Restaurants can take a while to get off the ground, especially when you're starting the Sims with very little capital. If they stick with it, I'm sure they'll turn a nice profit sooner or later.

  2. Yes, restaurants are one of the hardest. But after a while they are profitable. Keep at it! you will feel very accomplished in the end.