Monday, May 4, 2009

Starting SimsVille

This is how the hood looks at the beginning of round 1. SimsVille starts with 9 families, this are 24 sims in total.

Ella Rai, is 22. She studiet arts at SVU (SimsVille University), and is planning to do something with it in the rest of her life. She moved in to a 1-bedroom apartment and bought a community lot; "Rai Arts"

Stephan is 40, Virginie is 37, Lucas (right) is 10 and Dimitri (left) is 8. Stephan always had the dream of opening his own restaurant. Since he and Virginie share the same passion for cooking, they desided to move to SimsVille to open their restaurant; "Zanobi's". They temporary rent a small apartment, but they are sure that their restaurant will soon bring in ebough money to buy their own place.

Frederik is 30 and graduated in Economics, and Bianca is 22 and graduated in psychology. Frederik is the heir of the poor branch of the Penninkmeijer family. When he finally inherrited something, he immidiatly packed his things and moved to SimsVille, with his fiance, to claim is herritage. Little did he know that his herritage was nothing but a dump.

Gunnar is 24 and Frieda is 22. They both graduated in history. Since music was always more Gunnars thing, he took out a loan and bought a community lot, to dedicate to his passion; "Gunnars' Music Café"

Kürt is 25 and Debby is 18. Allthough there is an age-difference between them, this never stopped Debby from following her big love where-ever he wanted to go. So when he desided to start his own form in a foreign town, she followed.

Gruns is 64, Lin-Mei is 60 and Fen is 23. Gruns allwas had his of fitness-center. But when the building he rented was sold, and he couldn't stay, he packed his things to open a fitness-center somewhere else. His youngest daughter, Fen, loves fitness as much as her father does and will help him in their business; "Mishoen Fitness Center"

Marc is 32, Nuan is 28 and Tika is 1. Next to her parents lives Nuan, she the oldest daughter of Gruns and Lin-Mei. In contrast to her sister and father, she's not into fitness at all. Instead she allways wanted her own beautysalon, wich she opened in SimsVille; "Mishoen Hair". She hopes to expand it soon and give massages as well.

Louis is 62, Johnny is 37 and Mairi is 15. Louis and Johnny both had some losses in their lives. They both lost their wifes. When Johnny lost his dear wife, and mother of their daughter, his father moved in with him to help him take care of Mairi. Because the old town had to much memories for both man, they moved away to start a new life.

Jonas is 66, Eve is 64, Jason is 8 and Mia is 5. After the dead of their only daughter, Eve and Jonas took their grandchildren in; Mia was only 3 then and Jason only 6. They moved to SimsVille to give their grandchildren an education outside of the city.


  1. That's a lot of families for a prosperity! Sounds like you've got some interesting Sims lined up for this hood. I was always a fan of Gunnar.

    I like the idea of having some Maxis Sims in a prosperity too. Is Ella Jasmine Rai with a name change?

  2. Sullivan, Ella Rai is called like that in my game, she's a Maxis sim. She rented a house at uni together wirh Gunnar. I play my game in Dutch, maybe that's why the name seems diferent.

    I originilly started with 6 families, but I wanted some freshly graduated sims too, and the oldes Mishoen-dauhgter moved out immidiatly.

    I can handle it! (at least I hope I can =D)

  3. This is looking good! There's a lot of diversity it seems. A lot of different stories for each family. This looks like it'll be a lot of fun!

  4. Oh, you play in Dutch! That would explain the name then!

  5. I see this is a month old, but I've been out of it for a while. I just wanted to comment because I am so excited about all your business plans!! And I also think that elders and even adults starting out without skills is silly.

    I am really excited about your blog.