Monday, December 14, 2009

Terrano 1 - Summer 2011

The Terrano Family
Nio is 19, Stella is 22
Nio: I love living of my own, but I miss my little sister. She's 10 years younger than I am, so that may sound strange, but I really miss her. I think I miss her the most, and Tika of course, but she calls me and I call her. But Tina is always busy with schoolwork, at least that what she tells me, I think she's after the boys.
I have been thinking of a family of my own for some time now, I know I'm only 19, and that that is very young to think of something like that, but it's just me I gues. I'm still realistic, I don't want children right now, I want a job right now, but some day, I would love children of my own.
Stella wants children too, but just like me, she wants us to settle in life, have a place of our own one day, get married before we have children; do everything right. So one night I've gotten down on one knee and asked Stella to marry me, and she said yes!
It was a lucky night for me, because that same night I found a job! I work now as an aerobics instructor, the first day of work I wore a suit, but I soon found out that that was a bad idea, so it was the first and the last time I did that.
Thankfully I had a spare outfit with me, one that was more suitable for the job. I love my work, I don't really need a promotion right away, I'm going to enjoy every step of the ladder.
When we come from work, Stella and I try to get to know the neighbors a little bit beter. There are some strange sims living in the building, playing on the swing all day long, it's fun for some time, but a whole day?
Stella is more focused on her job than I am. At least she's more focused on skilling. When she gets tired of the neighbors she just goes upstairs to play chess, all on her own.
When she's so focused on playing chess, I just leave her, and talk to the neighbors. One night Tika stopped by to look where I live. She's my best friend, and we talked for hours.
But the nights are ours. Just Stella and me. No neighbors, no work, no chesstables, just me and Stella and the night. She's just amazing!

Note: I don't give big, fancy weddings, so I will them just get married the next time I play them. They don't have that much family they want to invite anyway.
Nio is a family-sim so I thought of letting him tell the story, and be focused on a family rather than a career.

This was the last family of round 6. I will upload the new playlist as soon as possible!

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  1. They make a cute couple, I'm guessing Stella is a fortune sim with her urge to promote?

    Looks like they both have a logical mind with waiting for children and building a strong foundation first.

    lol on the neighbors spending their day on the swings!