Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rai 1 - Fall 2009

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The Rai Family
Berend is 50, Ella is 47 and Madeleine is 12
Madeleine: Aah, weekend, I've been looking forward to this part of the week ever since the week started! I had it all planned out, .... just doing nothing, 2 days long!
I started out taking a long, relaxing bubble bath, a great way the start a weekend of doing nothing.
Mom didn't agree with my plans. She thought it was time for me to start helping out. So instead of doing nothing, she had me crafting plates and teaset during the weekend!
To compensate she allowed me to go out on saturdaynight. Since I'm only 12 she had some rules though, I wasn't allowed to go to a nightclub, only the B&B was allowed, and I had to be home by 12pm. I could live with that, so I called Françoise and Elisa and we went on our way.
We had a great time, but when we were getting ready to go home, this creepy man came to me and started talking. At first there was nothing wrong, but then all of a sudden he wanted to show me something, before I knew it he had his arm around me, than suddenly he was gone! When I stepped into the cab, I noticed my wallet was gone!
Sunday was almost the same as saturday, I crafted plates and teasets all day long, mom made this really big pots, and dad went to work. Lately we don't see dad that much. When he's not working he's busy with the paintings. He seems so absent all the time.
Mom tried talking with him, but he says it's nothing, that he's just thinking about his next promotion that he's just not getting, and that he's getting really frustrated about it!
I'm so happy I don't need to think about those things, and I will never have to think about those things because I'm going to take over mom's shop, so no promotions there. And for now no worries there either, I'm going to bed not thinking about anything, and I'm really liking it!

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