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Verbon 1 - Summer 2011

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The Verbon Family
Olaf is 31, Mia is 30
Mia: I love the house where we live in, it's just a shame we can't buy the house. The neighbors are great, and are young families as well. I would love to live here the rest of my life, but I also want a house of my own!
But to buy we need money, and without a job there isn't much money comming in. Olaf has a nice inherritage, but we can't live of that forever. I'm also getting tired of searching the internet every day without finding a job. So Olaf and I went to the Town Square City Hall, to look at the wall boards there, and we both came home with a job.
Afterwards we went to the Animal Paradise to buy a cat, and everything a cat needs. There is so much choice, it's so hard to choose!
To my surprise we bumped into my brother! It's been ages since I last saw him, and it was great seeing him again. He told me he's living with Ada right now, I wonder how that will go. I think we will invite them over soon, I don't want it to be this long before I see him again!
Back home, Olaf and I enjoyed our last day at home, with hours of sunbathing in the garden, Olaf has gotten a nice tan, while I only got burned. We were lucky with the weather too, because the next day it started pouring.
Having a cat in the house was Olaf's idea, but I actually like it. It's nice to take care of something.
But Olaf has also been wanting a child ever since we got married, and when I see the Belio's with their children I can't hardly wait to have one of my own. I just wished they came out like children and not like those little crying babys where you have to take care of.
So Olaf and I talked about the topic, and Olaf assured me that he will be there to take care of the baby once we have one. And so we desided to try for a baby.
The next day, was my first day of work, I start ealy and stop early too. When I got home that first day, I was so tired, I took a nap untill Olaf came home! I think the first day of work was harder then I thought.

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