Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mishoen 2 - Round 1

The Mishoen Family - Forest Lane 2 - Day 1 - 5
Marc Mishoen - Adult - 32 years old - Fortune - The Law
Nuan Mishoen - Adult - 28 years old - Fortune - Hand of Poseidon
Tika Mishoen - Toddler - 1 yeard old

Nuan: Marc and I desided to move away with my parents, but instead of staying with them, we bought a nice house right next door to them. It's a nice spacious house, but we still need to do some payments. I also bought my shop, some more payments we need to do. Marc could keep his jos, wich means a lot of traveling for him. The first day we didn't go to work. I called mom and Marc and I played with Tika a lot.
But after that it was time for the real life. Marc went to work, and I had to open my shop. We hired a nanny for the time I had to go, so Tika wasn't alone. The shop is a lot of fun. I meet a lot of new sims, and they really seem to like my work too.
After Marc's first day back at work, we allready had to furnish the study, because he got a promotion. Well, you can't really call it furnished, there is only a chess table and 2 chairs, but it allready looks nice. I just wished we could have saved some money.
Then it was time to celebrate Tika's 5th birthday. We wanted to invite mom and dad, but there was a situation with Fen, and they stayed home to help her. It seems like Fen is a wreck ever since she got dumped and left pregnant.
The last day in the shop, wasn't a great succes. I mean in the beginning it was good, no mistakes or anything. But at the end of the day I felt so tired, I made a lot of mistakes. I totally screwed up one guy's face, and when I wanted to fix it by giving him a free make-over, I even made it worse!
There was no need to stay in the shop, so I went home, only to find out I was expecting our second child. We were trying for another one, but we didn't expect it to be this soon. Mom called today too, to tell thay Fen had her baby, it's a boy, I hope she will feel beter now, if not I'm stopping by next week, we always had a good band.

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  1. That next to last picture made me laugh. I love when sims mess up on the make over chair. Always cracks me up when they look so surprised when they're the ones who did it!