Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hood - Round 1

The hood at the start of round 1
In the middle is the Town Square
Next to the Town Sqaure is Gunnar's Karaoke Café
At the other end you find Rai Arts
On the other side of the road are some rental buildings:

Dex Homes: Currently only the Young family is living here
Trailer Parc (no picture): currently only the Draper family is living here

Hammie Appartmetns: currently inhabiting 3 families; the Zanobi family, the Rai family and the Roque Family

On the back side of the Town Square you have the Town Square Chapel
Next to the Chapel is the Mishoen Fitness Center
And at the other end is Zanobi's
At the other side of the street are 4 small community lots:

First is La Fleur
Then you have Mishoen Cosmetics
Next to Mishoen Cosmetics is a small Play ground (no picture)
And next to the Play ground is Toys 'n joys

At the side of the center square are 2 more community lots:
On the left side is the cemmetary (no picture)
On the right side is the Parc

Farmers Road is on the one uninhabited, but on the other side of the road live the Gradonni Family
Next to Gradonni Market

All the way to the right are 2 other homes and 1 community lot.
The community lot is the Ice Forest (no picture)
And on the other side the road live the Mishoen families:
Mishoen 2
Mishoen 1
And at the back of the Mishoens live the Penninkmeijer family


  1. I am impressed with all the businesses in your neighborhood! If only I had the nerve!

  2. Believe me, I never thought I got the nerve, but I wanted something different from what I ussually do, and ussually I don't have businesses!