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Young 1 - Summer 2010

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The Young Family
Marcus is 18
Marcus: Being 18, and being all alone, it's not something I would recommend to anyone. Larissa, my brothers' widow, didn't ask me to move, and I don't think I would have said yes, but it would have been nice, if she just called to ask me how I was doing after mom died.
Well, I'm doing fine, I have my work during the day and it even keeps me busy at night, working to get promotions, to get somewhere in my life. One day I want to move to another house,one I can call my own, getting there isn't that easy, so I work hard.
Of course, life can't always be about work. I try to be social with the neighbors, but they are all young families, the Belio's recently had twins, so they have their hands full, and the Verbons are newly-weds, so they are bust with each other. I invite friends over, like Ingrid Carette, I think we have a nice thing going.
Lately I have stopped inviting her over though. There were a lot of things in the house that needed my attetion, but I also found out she used to have 'something' with my borhter. She wouldn't define that something, but it gave me something to think about, I knew she was older, but this was something I didn't expect!
But when I get into bed, all alone, it feels so lonely. And I really, really like her, and what we have is nice, I don't want to miss that. So I think I will just stop thinking about it and allow her in my life, that is something I want.

Note: Johnny flirted with Ingrid a few times (round 5, de Leeuw), but it never became anything serious. Afer reading Carla's post about playable NPC's I was planning to make her one of those, but I think a life with Marcus is much beter, or maybe something else, we'll see!

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  1. Well, Marcus is still young. Something still might develop between him and Ingrid - you never know!