Friday, May 8, 2009

Rai 1 - Round 1

The Rai Family - Hammie Apartments - day 1-5
Ella Rai - Adult - 22 years old - Popularity - Become General

Ella: Since gradutation I have been feeling so lonely. My roommates from college, Frieda and Gunnar, have moved in together, and I rent an apartment on my own.
Because I didn't want to feel so alone anymore, I went down to the Town Square and treated myself to some jewelry, played some pool, and met some intersesting sims, wich can't be bad when I'm opening my own business.
At the Town Square I also met Berend, and I really like him. So the next day I invited him over. We had a great time. He's great to talk to, and I'm always having fun with him.
Soon after his first visit he moved in. We kind of want the same things in life, and yet we are diferent. Neither of us really have the want to get married or have kids. He doens't mind parties, and I love them.
Berend moving in, didn't do much about my loneliness. He had a great job, so he was out a lot, but I still had him after hours. And since I want to open an art-shop with hand-crafted things, it was also time for me to start crafting, so that also filled my days.
Although Berend had a really good job, he wanted something diferent. So he soon gave up his job, to look for another one, and luckily for him he found one soon. I'm not much about money, but we need it to pay the bills, and with only one of us working and the shop not open yet, and me needing money for crafting, we couldn't afford for him to stay unemployed for a long time.
Finally I was able to open my shop. I crafted enough vases and stuff, and put up some nice little paintings for customers to buy. It was great! I really love it! I even earned 1 star already! Customers really seem to like my artwork. I wonder how they will like my hand-painted paintings, once I start selling those (when I start painting them one day).


  1. I bet Ella and Berend will have the money pouring in in no time if Ella's shop is successful.

  2. I hope so too, but I think that will be OK. The shop really is a succes and Berend brought a some money when he moved in, so I'm hoping to move them to a house soon.