Monday, May 11, 2009

Penninkmeijer 1 - Round 1

The Penninkemeijer Family - Penninkmeijer Residence - Day 1-5
Frederik Penninkmeijer - Adult - 30 years old - Fortune - Business Tycoon
Bianca Draajing - Adult - 22 years old - Family - Marry off 6 Children

Bianca: We finaninlly got married! Fredrik and I are married, now I'm Mrs Penninkmeijer! I think it sounds fancy, but when you look at the house, you can't see anything fancy! It's a dump! And we don't have the money to make it any prettier, or more comfortable.
And since Frederik is really old-fashoined, he doesn't want me to work, not that I mind, I love taking care of the house, but now we are completely depending on what Frederik brings in.
I want to have lots of kids, and Frederik doesn't mind, because he wants an heir to carry on his name.
Soon I found out I was pregnant, before I was even showing, so I started studying on how to take care of babies.
By the time I went into labour, I knew everything there is to know about childcare.
Soon we were able to hold little Catherine in our arms. Frederik was thrilled about the birth of our daughter, but like I said before, he is old-fashioned, and he wants a boy to carry on his name.
For then on my days were filled with taking care of Catherine during the day, and spending time with Frederik at night. Since he had some promotion, we were able to lay wooden floors downstairs and upstairs, and even put up some decent wall-coverings. We even put in nice, fancy stairs. The next thing I want to do is the doors and windows, but that will take some time.
I think we will be having more children firts, and decorate their rooms before we do the doors and windows, but a sim is allowed to dream, isn't it?

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  1. I have to admit, I kind of like it when Sims can't afford wallpaper and things like that when they're starting out. It really gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can finally decorate their house properly!