Thursday, May 21, 2009

Young 1 - Round 1

The Young Family - Dex Homes - Day 1 - 5
Louis Young - Elder - 62 years old - Popularity - Mayor
Johnny Young - Adult -37 years old - Romance - Celebrity Chef
Mairi Young - Teen - 15 years old - Fortune - City Planner

Mairi: I didn't want to move. I had to leave evrything behind, because dad and grandpa wanted to move, without any specific reason. But now I found out why dad wanted to move; he wanted to live closer to his new girlfriend! I can't believe that's the reason! I mean, she could have moved too!
I think dad noticed I wasn't too happy about the move, because he got me a dog, and I have been nagging for one since I got 5 and never got one. But now I have Lulu, my own dog! In a few days I will have to leave her, because I'm going to college, but after that, Lulu will move with me!
I don't know what it is with my family, but grandpa went to the Parc one night, and got home with a girlfriend! The only one single in this house, is me. Well, I'm not looking for someone at the moment, so that could explain it, but I will be looking for someone once I'm at college.
I think grandpa's girlfriend isn't too good for him, he made a bad decision at work and got fired! At his age it's hard to find a new job, and he could only find some small job for the afternoon. I think it's strange, but he didn't seem to messed up about it.
I think he was with his thoughts somewhere else, again. His girlfriend, Jessica moved in. She's only 1 year older than dad! It's strange to call her grandma! Dad's girlfriend, Larissa also moved in, so now I have a new mom I gues.
And my new grandma is pregnant! So I will be getting a new aunt or uncle soon. This family is just too weird! I don't think any other kid can say that! I just don't know if grandpa made the right decision with Jessica and another child, because I don't think Jessica wants all this things, I heard her talking to herself that this really isn't what she had planned for...
I know it's not nice to think, but it's grandpa's decision, and I don't have to interfere in their relationship. By the way I'm going to college now, and after that I will be living on my own. Dad and Larissa moved out to, to their own house.

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  1. Goodness, what a crazy family! Stepmothers barely older than their stepsons and a baby aunt or uncle on the way!