Saturday, November 7, 2009

How I play

At the end of round 5, I've decided to change the rounds in SimsVille. Starting round 6 I will be using the 2-year system, like used in Lakeside Heights and Sullivan.
In the 2-year system, my sims will age 2 years every round. I will use seasons, and not months to point out in wich time of the year we are. Each season will feature 3 or 4 families. Every family will be played for 2 days so they age 2 years. Birthday will be celebrated every fall, except for toddlers; they will age the same season, 1 year later. Pregnancies will last about 3 seasons, when a sim gets pregnant during winter, they will give birth during fall.
Round 6 will start in the fall of 2009 (like we are right now) and will end in the summer of 2011.
Round 7 will start in the fall of 2011 and will end in the summer of 2013, and so on.
Wich families are played in wich year and season you can follow here.

Babies will be babies for one day, to represent one year.
Toddlers will still have four days, representing ages 1-4.
Children will still have eight days, representing ages 4-11.

If my teens don't go to college, they will become adult at the age of 18, they will be a teen for eight days, to represent the age from 11-18. If my teens go to college they will leave at the age of 18 and will be there 4 yours, when they return the will be 22 and start their adult lifes.

Adults will have 38 days of adulthood, representing the age from 18-55, this is only if a sim doesn't go to college. If a sim does go to college, they will be 22 when they return, the duration of their adultlife will be 34 days.

Sims will be elders at the age of 55, and they will be elders for as long as I want them to be =)

Finances and taxes
Since I always thought that sims become rich to easy and to fast, I've added some things; like No inheritance after elder dies, to make it a little bit more dificult to get rich easy.
I've also added taxes, they have to be payed every 5th round, at the end of the round, next taxcollection will be in round 10, in the summer of 2019.

Every family will have to pay 10% of the total of their household funds + any money they have in bank accounts + the value of their lot. I find out the latter with the Lot Value button in Buy/Build mode. If a family is renting, they only pay taxes based on their household funds and bank accounts, as their lot does not really belong to them.

Sims can also claim deductions on their taxes. These deductions are:
  1. §1500 deduction per dependent: "dependent" is defined as a child under 18, a full-time student under the age of 22 or a non-working elder.
  2. §2000 deduction for farming families: the Sullivan Tax Office likes farming families because they enrich the community.
  3. §1000 deduction for home ownership.
  4. §1500 deduction for married couples.
  5. Variable deductions for businesses, based on business rank. It ranges from §500 for a Rank 0 business to §5000 for a Rank 10 business.
Education and careers
To get into university, a sims must have 15 skill-points, and they have to pay §2000 every year they are at university.

To make it a little bit more real life, I desided to change to careers where sims need a university-degree; the following jobs require a university-degree; Architecture, Business, Education, Intelligence, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Natural Science, Oceanography, Politics and Science.

Sometimes a sim isn't able to go to university; for example they didn't get the required skill-points or didn't have enough money. Or maybe they were made an adult townie. For those sims there also is a sollution in SimsVille.
Any resident of Sullivan without a degree may undertake a correspondence course with Suffolk University at any time, for a tuition fee of §10,000.

To complete their degree, the Sim will use Monique's computer to write 14 term papers on 7 different subjects - in other words, 14 different articles on the 7 different skills.

Once they've handed in all 14 term papers, I'll consider them to have a degree, and they are allowed to get any job they want.

As you may have noticed I use a lot of things Sullivan uses too, that's because her system is the most suitable to use in SimsVille.


  1. You're starting with less rules than I did and I managed to stick to them all most of the time, and I'm pretty absent-minded with stuff like that. I have added some over time too.

    I think you'll do fine. :) If you haven't already, you might want to check out Flashnote. That program has been very handy for me in keeping track of everything.

  2. I allready checked out flashnote, and it IS really handy for keeping track of everything in my hood!
    Like I said before, I stole some things from you, I really hope you don't mind!

  3. I don't mind at all. I wouldn't make posts explaining what I do and how I do it if I didn't want people to take ideas from me.

    Anyway, there are very few of my ideas that I feel like I've thought up all on my own. I've taken a lot from other bloggers myself, and adapted for my own purposes.