Sunday, November 1, 2009

Belio 1 - Round 5

The Belio Family
Bram is 31, Ling is 30 and Johanna is 6
Ling: I know it was unfair to trick Bram into getting another child by saying that he would have another child if he really loved me, but I really wanted another child.
After we found out we were expecting again, he turned to his work for distraction. I know he has forgiven me, but I can't go to work right now, and we really need the money.
And of course there is Johanna. It's a pitty there don't live more children here, I think its a little bit lonely here for a child. But she brings home lots of friends, like Emma Mikkels and Morgan Penninkmeijer.
This pregnancy was a lot harder than the previous one. After giving birth to twin boys, it became clear why that was. The new aditions to the family are Stephan and Steven.
Unfortunatly I didn't have much time to enjoy them. Again we need the money, so after giving birth I had to go to work again. In the mean time, Bram will be crafting some more toys, and look after the twins.
I think Bram will have his hands full on the twins. They now are 2 years old, and demanding attention. Thankfully for Bram, Johanna now is 11 and she said she will help her dad as much as she can.
Seeing this family, I feel my life is complete. Since we now have 3 children, Bram also guaranteed me, that there will be no more children, no matter what I say!

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