Monday, September 28, 2009

Upper SimsVille

A growing hood is always in need of expanding, and so is SimsVille. Although SimsVille itself is rather small neighbourhood (downloaded it here) there still is some space for expanding. Currently I'm creating several community lots for my sims to visit, but I thought they needed something more.
So I've added Upper SimsVille!
(click on picture for bigger view)

It's called Upper, because I thought Simsville is located at the beach, and Upper SimsVille isn't, that Upper SimsVille is located higher. I downloaded the hood here, and added the downtownlots from the downtownarea that came with Nightlife. I've also added some appartmentbuildings, and some small houses for my sims to live in.
For the moment there is nobody living in Upper SimsVille, but I think that the 1ste sim will be moving there, at the start of round 6.


  1. Oh, wow, I love this! I'm always envious of people who can make their hoods look so neat and tidy. I'm pretty happy with my hood but it's very haphazard, in terms of lot placement and size.

  2. SimsVille itself is very hectic, something here, and something there. But witu Upper SimsVille I took my time, and there are no sims living yet (that helps!)