Friday, January 2, 2015

The Simmerian - March 2026 Issue

Emma Zanobi has a lot on her plate at the moment, she's combining getting through to college and working at the restaurant.

Up untill now, it's all going fine. Boyfriend, and father of the baby, Finn moved in, and they are preparing to welcome their baby.
Camille Wagtmans turns 1 this month. She has her mother's nose and her father's lips.

  • I have very high hopes that Emma and Finn's baby won't have black hair! They both have brown hair, but Emma's dad had black hair, so there's a very small chance the baby will have black hair as well. I'm still hoping he/she won't! I have more than enough black haired sims running around, and I'm sure there will be more!
  • I love Camille, she looks great with her blond hair and light blue eyes. Except for the eyes I think she looks the most like her older brother Collin, he has green eyes.


  1. Camille is a gorgeous little girl! I'm sure Emma and Finn's baby will be adorable, even with the possible black hair. I'll keep my fingers crossed for brown hair for you though!

  2. Oh man, Camille is adorable! I love that jaunty chin of hers, super cute! I'll be hoping with you that Emma's baby doesn't have black hair. I totally get the copious amounts of black haired sims, my hood is the exact same way! My sims keep marrying black haired townies too, that are too adorable to say no to!

  3. Carla I'm so happy Mairi and Harry had a girl, she's a cutie! I keep hoping the brown hair will win with Emma and Finn's baby :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I love Camille! I can't wait to see her grow up!
    Both Emma and Finn have brown hair, so I keep hoping the brown hair will win :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!