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Mishoen - July 2026

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The Mishoen 2 Household Profile

The Mishoen Family
Marc is 73, Nuan is 68, Tika is 42, Lewis is 13, Johsua is 9 and Michael is 8
(Kristianne Spits and Tosca Zang are 39, Sam Mokara and Anabel Spits are 13, Ross Zang is 12 and Felix Gerrits is 5)
Narrated by Tika
Mom and dad are really enjoying their retirement together. It seems like they've fallen in love all over again.
It's actually sweet to see, but it's a bit akward walking in on them when they steal kisses in the kitchen. I can't remember the last time that happened!
The boys spend a few weeks of their summer vacation with their dad, but the rest of it they spend at home. And both mom and dad have really enjoyed it.
They even invite Felix over to come and play with Joshua and Michael, so he doesn't have to play alone all the time.
Personally I think my 3 boys are more than enough for an entire day, but mom and dad really don't mind at all, they keep saying it keeps them young.
They even allow them to invite some friends over. The thing is that my boys aren't that outgoing. When they are friends with some one, they are loyal, but it takes some time for them to become friends.
Both Joshua and Michael get along with Felix, and Joshua found a good friend in Nathan, one of our neighbors. Michael on the other hand doesn't have much friends. He loves playing with Babs, and seems very content doing that.
And he's always asking me to play some game with him. It saddens me sometimes, I wish he'd bring home somebody to hang out with.
I'm not too worried at the moment though. Lewis was lucky he had a cousin living next door, who he could hang out with, so I'm sure Michael will be allright.
Now Lewis brings home friends to hang out with, or he goes down to their houses. It's a good thing both Ross and Sam live so close.
The fact that both his friends live so close makes it easy for him to meet him at the hang out across the street. Both of them are allowed out a little bit longer as well when they are haning out there.
Recently he even invited a girl over. Anabel is the daughter of a new friend of mine, but she and Lewis knew each other from school. It's really hard but I try not to be curious about her.
Since he started high school, Lewis has changed quite a bit. He never took much interest in his younger brothers, but now he spends time with them almost daily.
He used to ignore them when they said something, and refused to play with them because they were so much younger. I don't know why he changed, but I'm glad he did.
Over the summer Lewis and dad have been fixing up a car dad found online. It's been their project, and I know dad loved spending this time with his grandson.
They finished this car faster than both of them expected. Lewis is only 13, but he's already looking forward to the day he's allowed to ride it.
The car hasn't been the only thing to connect dad and Lewis lately. Lewis started thinking about his future, and one of the options at the moment it becomming a laywer. And seeing dad is a retired laywer they have spend hours talking about it.
I don't know who's more enthousiastic about it; dad that he can finally tell his stories to an interested audience or Lewis for getting to hear all those stories.
I unfortunatly wasn't lucky enough to close the salon for a coudple of weeks. I love my job, but I would have loved to spend some time at home with the kids.
I know Fran felt the same way, with 3 young kids at home, she would have loved to be there more often.
But the salon is doing great, and I was able to promote Fran to manager. This way only one of us needs to be at the salon at the same time, and each of us can spend more time with our kids.
I've used that time well by trying to get tan, in which I failed misserably.
On one of my days off I got a call from Kristianne, asking if I had time to talk. She recenly told the dad of her twins about them, 13 years later, and it didn't go too well. The meeting between the kids and their dad however went fine.
Kristianne is a bit worried that Anabel and Anthony will want to live with their dad now, but I doubt it will come to that, and not to worry about that for now.
I told her to support the kids as much as possible, because they might end up regretting her if she would try to set them up against their dad. She was quite happy with my advice.
When Tosca and I went out, I invited Kristianne to come with us, to get her mind off of things. Since the divorce Tosca and I don't see each other that much anymore even though we live next to each other.
And even though Tosca and Kristianne didn't knew each other before we went out, the 3 of us agreed to try to get togehter more often.

  • I didn't know Tika and Kristianne were friends untill I saw it in Tika's friendlist. I'm glad they are though, Tika really needs more friends. Before she only had Tosca as her friend. They have been friends since they were teens.
  • Michael really doesn't have any friends. He knows some kids from school, and I let him talk on the phone with them but, it goes slow. I'm sure he'll have more friends when he's older.
  • Law is one of the options that came out for Lewis' future career. If I remember corretly it came out as the best option. Which I thought was great since his grandpa retired in that career.


  1. Maybe Michael is just a little bit of a loner. I was very much like that as a kid. I eventually branched out and made some close friends but never a ton. I still have loner tendencies, for sure. :)

    I love finding a family connection with my sims' careers. I remember being pretty excited when Malcolm's LTW was to reach the top of the medical career, seeing his great-grandfather was a doctor too. :)

  2. Nice seeing Lewis work on the car with his Grandpa, and hanging out on the swings is one of my favorite actions for teens in the game. I really like the idea of Lewis going into the law career, it seems like that would be a good fit.

    Nice that Tika is friends with Kristianne, it was nice seeing all the ladies go out together. Sometimes its hard to find the time to make friends as an adult, especially with kids. Hopefully Michael can make some more friends.

  3. Carla There's no harm in Michael being a loner, I might be considered one as well, but I do hope he gets some cloe friends when he gets older.

    I loved that law came out as one of the top for Lewis! It brings him and his granddad closer and I really like these kind of things. I do hope to find some more in my hood :)
    Malcolm becoming a doctor like his great-grandfather, that's something I would get excited over too.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I got pretty excited when I checked for Lewis and law was high on the list!
    Sometime Maxis made some great actions to look at, like the hanging out on the swing :)

    Tika brought Kristianne home one day, and I completely forgot about that untill she showed up again! It made sense for Kristianne to talk to a friend about everything that's goinng on in her life, and Tike seemed like a good option :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!